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(meteorology) rapid inward circulation of air masses about a low pressure center

a violent rotating windstorm

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A contrasting view emerged in the middle of the last century when Hsieh (1949), who studied a North American cyclone, concluded that "this type of surface cyclogenesis is evidently different from the usual type associated with waves on a surface front" (Hsieh 1949, p.
Earlier, the state government had set up a special relief fund with contributions from the public to initiate relief and rehabilitation measures for families affected by cyclone Ockhi.
Frankie Fruge, President of Cyclone commented This is a great move for all parties, including our shareholders.
Cyclone separator is a kind of dedusting device and is widely used for ash extraction during oil shale processing [4-8].
Coastal districts of Cox's Bazar, Chittagong, Noakhali, Laxmipur, Feni, Chandpur and the nearby islands are likely to have bigger impact of cyclone Mora.
The strongest cyclone to recently make landfall there did so in March 2014, (https://weather.
The root causes of these events are varied, but are commonly a cyclone blockage (rubber liner, object) or exceeding the cyclone capacity, which is defined by pressure, flow and the cyclone dimensions.
The cyclone, which has developed from a low-pressure area over north-east Arabian sea, had intensified into a low-pressure area on Monday, and is likely to strengthen in the next 24 hours, said weathermen.
Yemen's Minister of Fisheries, Fahd Kavieen, a Socotra native, sent an emergency request to the UN and neighboring Oman to "urgently intervene with emergency teams to save residents" on the island "which is now facing a cyclone stronger than Chapala.
However, researchers believe that a tropical cyclone slamming into the Gulf isn't quite as unlikely as you may think.
2 - tropical cyclone winds of 61-120 kph are expected within the next 24 hours
Every time a cyclone hits Bangladesh, massive destruction is caused to the country's infrastructure.
Yachts damaged in Port Vila, Vanuatu, yesterday in the aftermath of Cyclone Pam.
Sidney, Feb21(BNA) A violent cyclone struck northeastern Australia on Friday, ravaging hundreds of houses homes and cutting power lines which affected sixty thousand people.
The July-September period is the peak of southwest monsoon season, locally known as "habagat" and tropical cyclone activity is at its maximum, PAGASA said.