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Synonyms for cycloid

a line generated by a point on a circle rolling along a straight line

resembling a circle


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11 and 12 that the equations for b'c' and d'e' of the male rotor are two cycloids.
Oh, stellar arena of night, scarred by the evolutions, spirals and leaps of Those nimble riders; oh, cycloids and epicycloids executed in inspiration Along the diagonals of the sky, amid lost wire spokes, hoops shed with indifference, to reach the bright goal denuded, with nothing but the pure idea of cycling
Let's look at the complete assignment of the project Cycloids to introduce the way that such projects are given.
It is likely that human capabilities, which are grounded in brain structure, are best described [by equations such as parabolas, cycloids and cissoids], not in terms of linear equations of the kind used to describe city blocks (p.