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resembling a circle


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The variables which define the modified cycloidal path of hip are [r.
A cyclocopter uses cycloidal rotors, which consist of airfoils rotating around a horizontal axis like a paddlewheel.
The electrons, present in this zone, carry out complicated cycloidal motion and in collision with the gas molecules cause ionisation of the latter, generating positive ions which are accelerated in the electrical field, bombard the surface of the target-cathode and knockout material particles from the surface.
If an observer tries to measure the diameter of a moving atom, he will see the reduced thickness of the cycloidal loop.
3,c and d (consisting of the homo-kinematical coupling 1-2 and the cycloidal gear pair with rollers 2-3), the condition of obtaining the transmission ratio can be written:
Its developer, Bavarian aviation technology house Bauhaus Luftfahrt , and Munich-based consultancy Atena Engineering, which built the prototype, say the hybrid is an alternative to the helicopter or tiltrotor for vertical take-off aircraft and combines two systems: the cycloidal propeller and the Flettner rotor (named after its inventor Anton Flettner, who used the principle to power a ship in the 1920s).
The cycloidal director is transposed by rolling on surface of wheel part that has radius.
The Equissage pad gives a deep, cycloidal massage to the whole horse and is used by top riders such as Ellen Whitaker and William Fox-Pitt.
We experimentally test the properties of the cycloidal pendulum.
Each vessel has been designed specifically for Valdez service, each has been installed with two Voith Schneider Model 36 GII cycloidal propellers, and each tug can generate stopping forces in excess of 300,000 pounds.
Among topics of the 66 papers are ocular aberrations measurement combined with subjective visual compensation, fabricating technology of three dimensional integrated braided composite I beam, a calculation method for the profile curves of a cycloidal pump, a modified wavelet transform profilometry, applying and developing microbubble column flotation technology in China, integration technology and application research on management information in the textile industry, and the influence of surface tension on lubrication film thickness and pressure.