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Synonyms for cycloid

a line generated by a point on a circle rolling along a straight line

resembling a circle


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The cycloid was first coined by Galileo (Schwartzman, 1994), and comes from circle with the '-oid' suffix used in the sense of 'having to do with'.
Suffice to mention, anti-impulsivity, anti-suicidality, anti-aggressivity, dual diagnosis, schizo-affective, augmentation in unipolar depression, cyclothymia, cycloid psychosis, Klein–Levine syndrome, borderline personality, clozapine-induced neutropenia, augmentation in schizophrenia, psychogenic polydipsia, just to name few.
To obtain uniform and proportional lung samples, we analyzed 18 random fields in a cycloid test system attached to the monitor screen.
Planning machine is used very often in technology of solid wood panels gluing, with its main disadvantage resulting in cycloid surface formed due to rotation of tool and simultaneous linear movement of work piece.
He distinguished four major types of scales in the Teleostei: cycloid, ctenoid (with three subtypes), crenate, and spinoid (ibid.
Cycloid psychoses are characterized by polymorphic symptomatology with intraphasic bipolarity, a remitting and recurrent course and favorable prognosis (1-2).
Body elongate, covered with small cycloid scales situated at right angles along oblique dermal plicae below lateral line.
As a result of the tectonic extension the shape of the Pelcznica river valley was transformed in the gorge region from a cycloid into a rectangular curve (Fig.
4 and 5 that the equation for cd of the female rotor is a cycloid.
In this situations, it is shown that buckling phenomenon, like what happens when a rope of honey falls over a toast, can cause the jet to form many different types of periodic structures and specifically cycloid ones[24-25].
Scores of SCLs have been identified in this investigation, and several of them have been presented here, ranging from demystifying the electric field vector resolution, to applying Kirchhoff s voltage and current rules in circuit analysis, to analyzing cycloid type motion of a charged particle in simultaneous static electric and magnetic fields, to obtaining the magnetic induction from the magnetic vector potential of a current in a finite straight wire segment.
rohita were cycloid and were distinguished into true ring, false ring and larval marks besides radii.
Members of the Amiiformes Order, in which the Infraclass Teleostei is found, generally carry cycloid scales (Storer et al.
Among the topics are a three-dimensional numerical simulation of the whole flow field on a centrifugal fan, a multi-mode vibrator-based power generator for vehicles, the finite element analysis of the anchor assembly in a cable hydraulic lift, the minimum sensitivity robust design of a cycloid pinwheel speed reducer, sound insulation for compound steel panels, and the response of adhesively bonded joints under transverse impact.