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Synonyms for cycloid

a line generated by a point on a circle rolling along a straight line

resembling a circle


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The main part of the body is covered with cycloid scales, but unlike females, males have also ctenoid scales on the head on the eye-side and on the trunk behind the head and close to dorsal and anal fins.
Body covered with small cycloid scales: scales below lateral line situated along 106-198 oblique dermal plicae, fading to scale rows on caudal peduncle, scales above lateral line 3-4, and scales on belly between median ridge and ventrolateral fold 3-4.
11 and 12 that the equations for b'c' and d'e' of the male rotor are two cycloids.
To produce tubular scaffolds with non-woven random direction straight fibers, voltage was set to 20 kV and the needle was kept at a distance of 15 cm from the collector while for the cycloid fiber texture, the voltage and distance were 8 kV and 3 cm, respectively.
The body regions of the fish were observed to have square and cycloid shapes in the head of both male and female.
In this simulation, swing foot trajectory is taken as cycloid and the hip joint trajectory is taken as a modified cycloid.
NTN's In-wheel Motor Unit features a motor system that combines a cycloid reduction gear and compact, lightweight drive motor to deliver high reduction ratio, high efficiency and high load capacity.
Burdak (1979) discussed the dynamics of cycloid and ctenoid scales in squamations of the leaping mullet Liza (= Mugit) saliens (Risso).
Key words: cycloid, frontal gear, meshing, spherical gear
Disk membrane surface densities within outer segments were estimated by counting intersections using cycloid test arc lattices (Baddeley et al.
The application of algebraic methods to geometric problems preserved in deduction the certainty of the intuitions by which the foundations of geometry are known; it could not be extended to the methods Descartes employed in questions on transcendental curves like the cycloid.
Vincenzo Viviani (1622-1703), another prominent pupil of Galilei, determined the tangent to the cycloid.
The morphometric analyses were performed using a cycloid grid overlay and software for counting points and intercepts (Stereology Toolbox; Morphometrix, Davis, CA) (Hyde et al.
15 In marine life, the terms cycloid and placoid refer to which part of a fish?