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a person who rides a bicycle

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On an upright bike, 53 km (33 mi) per hour is as fast as somebody like Lance Armstrong can go," says Steve Delaire, a low-racer cyclist and engineer.
The last thing we all want is a four or five-year-old child mowed down by a speeding cyclist,' he said.
Approval is given for the organization of a Cyclist Company in each Australian Division.
Researchers examined data from the federal Fatality Analysis Reporting System between 1975 and 2012, finding that annual cyclist mortality decreased 44 percent over the time period, with the steepest declines among children and young teens.
The space a cyclist takes up while moving is known as the "dynamic envelope".
In Newcastle some roads are too narrow for two-lane traffic and two cycle lanes, so the obvious answer would be to move the cyclist away to a less busy road, not the footpath.
There was also a slight increase in the number of cyclist and motorcyclist casualties overall but figures for specific areas are not available yet.
This is a junction I use regularly as a motorist going to and from Birmingham and also as a cyclist crossing the A45 in relative safety.
That's why we have changed the road rules to allow motorists to cross continuous white lines to pass cyclists when safe to do so, and it's also why we are now rolling out new cyclist warning signs.
here for the preparation of the Asian Cycling Championship and the Coaches are giving training to the cyclist.
In the past I was lucky to see one cyclist a week but now I regularly see one or more cyclists daily.
Any cyclist of tax-paying age is already paying for the upkeep and building of roads given that the funding for this comes out of general and local taxation and not from a road tax.
I am a responsible cyclist, I use my bell to warn pedestrians on cycle paths of my approach and I always thank them for acknowledging me on my bike.
I am a cyclist myself and I'm all for making cycling more accessible and safer, but lets get our house in order first.
I am a cyclist and walk my dog on the trail every day but these thoughtless people are a pain.