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the sport of traveling on a bicycle or motorcycle

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The Essential Cycling Skills app offers a fun and interactive way for users to test their knowledge of everyday cycling and prepare them for the daily commute on Scotland's roads.
icSf cEekc Developed by Cycling Scotland with content from the most experienced cycle tutors in Scotland, Essential Cycling Skills covers everything users need to know to become a more confident cyclist.
Essential Cycling Skills practical sessions were piloted in Edinburgh last year and they were extremely well received.
The app can be downloaded for free via the App Store and Google Play, or via Cycling Scotland's website www.
Cycling, whether on-road or o -road on mountain bikes, is great for physical and mental well-being, for men, women and children," said Alasdair Marshall, of national promotion organisation Cycling Scotland.
Research shows that regular cycling can help us to lose weight, live longer and reduce our risk of many preventable diseases.
One recent study found that regular cycling reduces the risk of premature death from ill-health by 39 per cent.
Health boffs also found that cycling as little as 1.
Further research found that by cycling for half an hour most days of the week, you could lose as much weight as doing three aerobics classes a week.
A Cycling for Better Health study found that cycling can reduce tiredness, sleep difficulties and general feelings of ill-health.