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Synonyms for cyclicity

the quality of recurring at regular intervals

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I see only that verbal morphology, especially derivational and aspectual morphology, requires a great deal of cyclicity to arrive at fully derived forms.
Snowshoe hares on the island have shown a periodic cyclicity, with a frequency of approximately 10 years: 4 peaks, some far more pronounced than others, have appeared, 1964-1999 (Jordan, unpubl.
If they don't have this cyclicity, then it's probably depression, not PMDD," he said.
Urea is also believed to aggravate the severity of NEB and its effect on fertility by preventing or delaying the start of cyclicity.
Freidin (on occasion with collaborators) addresses theories of movement, case, and binding, covering such topics as cyclicity and the theory of grammar; superiority, subjacency and economy; cyclicity and minimalism; core grammar, case theory and markedness; lexical case phenomena; the subject of defective T(ense) in Slavic; disjoint reference and wh-trace; the fine structure of the binding theory as expressed in Principle A and reciprocals; fundamental issues in the theory of binding; and binding theory on minimalist assumptions.
Borrowing from art historian Robert Farris Thompson, Austerlitz characterizes the "visual rhythms" of West African kente cloth and the circular Sanskrit symbol known as the mandala as "visual equivalents" of the interdependence, collectivity, temporal cyclicity, and "responsorial structures [that] underlie Afro-diasporic musics" (pp.
In Chapter 5, Weedon deals with practical considerations and offers a cautionary perspective on environmental cyclicity, its invariable distortion in real stratigraphic records, and limitations on the interpretation of such cyclic signatures.
We also present formal revision to the upper boundary of the Joggins Formation, and review the formation's cyclicity and depositional setting.
Cyclicity and stress in Moses-Columbia Salish (Nxa'amxcin).
The reasons for this are not clear, but it may be due to cyclicity of the disease, better reporting, or waning immunity," said Ms.
This sequence represents a period of high-frequency depositional cyclicity on a very shallow and partly restricted inner shelf.
Whilst glacial eustasy cannot be ruled out, and likely exerted a strong secondary effect, Dawson's interpretation of Joggins cyclicity has proved to be, in part, correct.