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Synonyms for cyclicity

the quality of recurring at regular intervals

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The proposed system, with eCG and temporary interruption of suckling, provides conditions for follicular growth and its use has been shown to be effective in herds with low cyclicity rate, adverse body condition and during early postpartum period (BARUSELLI et al.
The eastern flank of the Ninyerola anticline allows the detailed observation of the carbonate-gypsum cyclicity present in interval (c).
These centres consist usually of coarse, poorly sorted cobbles, pebbles, and gravel and serve as the indicators of cyclicity.
The effects of estrogen on reproductive cyclicity are complex.
Cyclicity in population dynamics requires that the equilibrium point of the predator--prey system is locally unstable (or, as a limit case, neutrally stable).
If they don't have this cyclicity, then it's probably depression, not PMDD," he said.
Key words: Uterine involution, postpartum ovarian cyclicity, buffaloes.
In any case, PACCAR has a long tradition of adapting quickly and successfully to cyclicity," added Pigott.
2) Does arsenic and sulfide show concomitant cyclicity during the Precambrian?
Liraglutide in PCOS (LIPOS) Study: Evaluation of the Efficacy of Liraglutide on Menstrual Cyclicity in Women with PCOS - A prospective randomised double-blind placebo-controlled study.
The presence of pathogenic bacteria in uterine lumen causes endometrial inflammation of affecting ovarian cyclicity and impaired embryo survival (Sheldon et al.
No reports for superovulatory response in cyclicity induced summer anestrus animals are available.
5 Effects on mg/kg/day ability to deliver live pups and estrous cyclicity at 50 mg / kg / day (but not at either 0.
Freidin (on occasion with collaborators) addresses theories of movement, case, and binding, covering such topics as cyclicity and the theory of grammar; superiority, subjacency and economy; cyclicity and minimalism; core grammar, case theory and markedness; lexical case phenomena; the subject of defective T(ense) in Slavic; disjoint reference and wh-trace; the fine structure of the binding theory as expressed in Principle A and reciprocals; fundamental issues in the theory of binding; and binding theory on minimalist assumptions.
Borrowing from art historian Robert Farris Thompson, Austerlitz characterizes the "visual rhythms" of West African kente cloth and the circular Sanskrit symbol known as the mandala as "visual equivalents" of the interdependence, collectivity, temporal cyclicity, and "responsorial structures [that] underlie Afro-diasporic musics" (pp.