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Synonyms for cyclical

happening or appearing at regular intervals

Synonyms for cyclical

recurring in cycles


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Dealers said the gains in cyclicals came at the expense of technologies, which rose sharply Monday pushing the Nasdaq composite to a record.
We don't think that you will see the traditional recovery of the cyclical stocks.
The median five-year rolling average net debt to EBITDA ratio for cyclical companies remained unchanged at 1.
For the stocks of cyclical companies to maintain leadership within the market, they will have to experience either an increase in unit volume or an increase in pricing for their products.
Though the anticipation of an economic upturn has caused cyclical stock values to rise during the first two months of this year, historically, for cyclicals to outperform growth stocks on a year-over- year basis, we have to experience rising inflation," Lewis said.
While it makes sense to have some cyclical exposure in a portfolio, subscribers should not be too eager to take advantage of the minor pullbacks seen in many richly valued cyclicals.
In a nutshell, economically sensitive cyclicals are the barometers of business conditions.
Investors may want to get cozy with 'comfort' cyclicals, as the tech space has endured stretched valuations.
Many cyclicals look expensive relative to their estimated profit-growth rate, even though the average projected profit growth for the S&P 500's industrial and materials companies is 23% this year and 30% next year.
This week's shift of Wall Street's attention from growth stocks to cyclicals signals two phenomena that all investors should note, according to Frederick R.