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Synonyms for cyclical

happening or appearing at regular intervals

Synonyms for cyclical

recurring in cycles


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By contrast, participants prompted with the cyclical mindset put away about 223 dollars, roughly 82 per cent more than the other two groups.
In Section two, we provide theoretical rational of cyclical properties of monetary and fiscal policies.
Cyclical stocks are usually the first to plunge in a downturn and frequently the first to recover, often before the initial signs of an economic recovery appear in statistics.
However, radiological investigation is not indicated in young women with no risk factors, presenting with cyclical mastalgia and a normal breast examination.
While our economists remain cautious regarding a material decrease in UK and European unemployment rates, they are more positive regarding the US recovery and we see some upside risk to our cyclical volume forecasts, which tend to move in line with unemployment rates.
In other words, there were only four cyclical bear markets in Japan in the 39 years from 1950 to 1989, with the average loss being 41 percent and the average duration being 20 months.
Current market conditions compare favorably with the previous market top and corresponding cyclical downside.
The many complex themes resonant with (and inherent to) the form of the loop, whether historical amnesia, cyclical exploitation, or personal trauma, have proved fertile ground for these artists.
This potential for an improved reaction to cyclical weakness, and better risk management, is being tested by the events of recent quarters and may well be tested further in coming quarters.
TC Memo 2000-323, the Tax Court held that a towboat operator could currently deduct costs associated with periodic or cyclical service and maintenance of its towboat engines, in spite of the IRS's argument that its engine maintenance procedures were equivalent to overhauls.
Widespread and intense fear of new religions appears to be cyclical and, as Jenkins puts it, surprising each time it reemerges.
A Fed drop in rates should bode well for such cyclical stocks as Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (NYSE: MWD) and Merrill Lynch (NYSE: MER), two stocks that Forbes favors.
In this column, we turn to the issue of how to tease some information out of highly volatile time series, and especially, how we can determine cyclical turning points.
Traders said DuPont's earnings, released early Tuesday, helped encourage investors to replay last week's move into the economically sensitive, or cyclical, stocks on the belief that the world economy is improving.
Section 2 presents the evidence on the relationship between capacity utilization and inflation and related evidence on the linkage between cyclical GDP and inflation.