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Mediterranean plant widely cultivated as a houseplant for its showy dark green leaves splotched with silver and nodding white or pink to reddish flowers with reflexed petals

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Cyclamen benefits from summers spent outside in a protected spot in the garden where it receives morning sun.
Cyclamen should do well in sheltered areas out of the rain, as they will suffer if they are too wet or over-watered.
Other combinations include Ajuga "Black Scallop" - very dark almost black foliage planted with white mini cyclamen, or with the silver foliage of calocephalus.
Given the right conditions, cyclamens brought in to bloom for the holiday season will continue blossoming for two to three months.
Similarly, cyclamen look great bunched together as their colours are so dazzling and in other pots I have gone for more muted colour schemes, such as the Carex 'Everest' mixed with Skimmia 'white dwarf '.
CYCLAMEN HEDERIFOLIUM MOST of us may associate cyclamens with late winter and early spring, but this variety, with its swept back pastel-pink flowers over a darker base, provides a cheery display in mid-autumn.
Exotic Jasmine by Halle Berry has top notes of fresh violet leaf, bright neroli and airy cyclamen, which lead to a captivating heart of blossoming jasmine sambac, lush plumeria blossom and fluid hedione.
CYCLAMEN are probably the most popular winter flowering pot plant in the UK and they are at their best in November.
Summary: During the month of March, at every corner florist are pots of cyclamen, a small plant with delicate white, blush or deep pink flowers and dark green.
The strong trendy colours include black and red, violet and white, cyclamen and pink, black and light blue plus dark ruthenium red and black.
With dainty petals in bright, jewel-coloured shades, these cyclamen will brighten any room.
Cyclamen is the Rolls-Royce of cool-season flowers for the Valley.