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Hence, the aim of this paper is to review the literature on African cycad ecology with additional foci on the ethnobotany and conservation of the continent's cycads.
Some analyses have been done on a wide range of cycad species, for instance; Zamia pumila (Walters & Deckers-Walters, 1991), Macrozamia pauli-guilielmi complex (Sharma, Jones, Forster, & Young, 1998), the M.
Cycad aulacaspis scale infests not only ornamental cycads but also native species (Emshousen et al.
Feeding on cycads (Cycadophyta) by adults of Janbechynea elongata Jacoby, 1888 (Coleoptera: Orsodacnidae) in the ANP Sierra de Otontepec, Veracruz
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His research led him to the story of Fossil Cycad National Monument, a real-life example of a park that was decommissioned after visitors lifted so many of the fossils from the surface that there were none left to protect.
She wrote, "I had the good fortune to see many butterflies in a frenzy to mate and some females were also laying eggs on [one of several potted] cycad plant[s].
Most cycad species are hypostomatic (Greguss 1968), but in a few species, and occasionally in some individuals of some species, it is possible to find amphistomatic leaflets; however, the stomatal density on the adaxial surface of the leaflet is usually much lower than that of the abaxial surface.
This paper, aims to better document the cycad species utilised by Aboriginal people for the benefit of researchers in diverse disciplines.
Cycad rewrite Today's cycads, once touted as survivors from dinosaur times, turn out to be mostly recent species, diversifying from an ancestor that flourished around 12 million years ago (SN Online: 10/21/11).
Macrozamia is a genus of cycad found in many parts of Australia.
What looked like a palm to the untrained eye was actually a cycad, a gymnospermous plant with large compound leaves.
He also has an active interest in palms and cycads and is a member of the International Palm Society and the Cycad Society.
The first journey was to the Cape of Good Hope in the early 1770s, from where plant hunter Frances Masson brought back a cycad, which unbelievably still grows at Kew, and is believed to be the oldest pot plant in the world.