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a human being whose body has been taken over in whole or in part by electromechanical devices

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Other authors focus on the Internet as cyborg because of the unity it creates between humans and things.
What : 14-Year-Old Inventor of Cyborg Industries's technologies Nicolas Dupont to Unveil Spectrocable among three other of his inventions at Techweek Los Angeles
Il imagine qu'en 2070, une jeune mere pourrait etre face a un dilemme : transformer ou non son bebe en cyborg.
Through FedDev Ontario's Prosperity Initiative, Cyborg Trading Systems will receive up to $381,500 to increase its resources both technological and human to help the company capitalize on existing market gaps, expand its operations, and bring its products to market globally.
It is also predicted that cyborgs could also be used to help in the home as individuals become able to interact with buildings or vehicles as an extension of themselves.
My principal concern is our often erotically charged relationship with technology, especially in relation to sexual dynamics between biological human and cyborg beings.
It is said that one in 10 of the population of the USA are cyborgs and they are increasing in numbers over here too.
But I am also concerned with the pasty complexion of Pris, Daryl Hanna's cyborg, so let us take her in the backseat with us and show her the magnificent Cyb(que)erscape: maybe she will learn something from it, she is very real but needs some twenty-first century makeup to freshen her up.
4) Jameson and Haraway invest previously peripheral figures with a potent symbolic function: the schizophrenic (5) and the cyborg (6) are heralded as exemplary postmodern subjects.
The world's first real life cyborg comes from Coventry.
Part of the Cybernetics department at the University of Reading, he is doing research into becoming a cyborg.
Puzzling over this, I went back to Donna Haraway's Cyborg Manifesto, that strange mix of theory and polemic which sets out to undermine a host of dualisms: mind/body, organism/machine etc.
Simultaneously, computerized video of a dancing silver cyborg figure is projected on and above the performers.
The killer cyborg Roy Batty (brilliantly portrayed by Rutger Hauer) ultimately is more compassionate and "human" than his creators or pursuers.