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a human being whose body has been taken over in whole or in part by electromechanical devices

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In the next section I contrast this male-created female cyborg with a self-created male cyborg.
For now, Harbisson, the co-founder of The Cyborg Foundation, the international organisation that defends cyborg rights and supports people who want to become cyborgs, is committed to changing attitudes about his kind.
As was expected, Cyborg was simply a cut above in all areas of the game and despite matching for size, the Russian simply couldn't live with Cyborg's power and after being dropped twice in the fight, referee Herb Dean waved it off after just three minutes and 25-seconds of the first round.
Fisher's cameo in a glimpse of Cyborg in 2016's 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' was his first movie role.
An illustration of the rat cyborg is shown in Figure 1.
Haraway's "A Cyborg Manifesto" creates a cyborg metaphor that breaks the binary oppositions and boundaries between culture and technology; boundary breakdowns between human and machine, human and animal, and physical and non-physical.
Other authors focus on the Internet as cyborg because of the unity it creates between humans and things.
To merge these concerns of both humans and territory, society and space, subject and object, we first adopt the resourcefulness of a 'sea monster' to make a point about human ancestry, the nature of science in modernity, and the birth of underwater worlds as they are enacted as a cyborg venture.
Un tel destin de cyborg fait pour lui figure d'aboutissement.
Solid Snake and sneaking around is replaced by swordplay and ninja cyborg Raiden.
Susan Truppe, Member of Parliament for London North Centre and Parliamentary Secretary for Status of Women, on behalf of the Honourable Gary Goodyear, Minister of State for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), announced today a Government of Canada investment that will help Cyborg Trading Systems grow and increase the global market presence of its trading technology.
Witness the true power of Cyborg and take your gaming to the next level with the Cyborg Keyboard range.
Professor Kevin Warwick, an expert in cyborg technology, will explain the radical plans while delivering a talk at the city's Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) tonight.
Houston Ye became a cyborg after a boating accident left him with several mechanical parts.
El termino cyborg (1) fue acunado en 1960 por Manfred E.