information warfare

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the use of information or information technology during a time of crisis or conflict to achieve or promote specific objectives over a specific adversary or adversaries


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Advanced Design and Manufacturing (ADM) Division Chief Mark Schlein shared valuable advice with the Cyberwarrior students for their future career decision-making process and encouraged them to consider ECBC as a potential employer.
In order to be agile at the speed of the Net, a big traditional force structure organization is not going to work in cyber or cyberwarrior organizations," he said.
For the 3,000 officers that have switched over, the Air Force Institute of Technology is updating two graduate-level course curriculums to advance the Defense Department's cyberwarrior corps.
You might forgive the new cyberwarrior for deciding that we have clearly already lost the first cyberwar.
The power of Stuxnet technology is that the Iranians can't know what other malware may have been planted in their computers, or what new capabilities America's cyberwarriors may have developed.
cyberterrorists, cyberspies, cyberthieves, cyberwarriors, cyber
Some authors, such as RAND's cyber expert Martin Libicki argue that "cybersupremacy is meaningless and, as such, is not a proper goal for operational cyberwarriors.
cyberwarriors can inflict against low-tech countries (or at least those who do not acquire systems before they understand how to protect them).
The conference brings together government, industry and academia to highlight the defense of cyberspace, impact of mobile communications on the battlefield, and training tomorrow's cyberwarriors.
5) The expense of cyberwarfare primarily encompasses training and paying cyberwarriors, and purchasing and maintaining the hardware and software needed to launch and counter cyberattacks, because nations will wage cyberwarfare primarily over publicly accessible networks.
WASHINGTON: Former top US intelligence officials will become cyberwarriors on Tuesday in a simulation of how the US government would respond to a massive cyberattack on the United States.
The military talks about training cyberwarriors and building a fleet of cyber-craft to operate in this place.
It is hard to imagine that the coming age of cyberwarriors and remote control battle has removed the need for a warrior culture.
Cyberwarriors can participate in attacks with little risk of being identified, let alone prosecuted.