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an assault on electronic communication networks

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The fact is we haven't been able to discuss whether or not the Geneva convention applies to cyberwar and whether international humanitarian law applies to cyberwar.
He said hybrid warfare refers to a combination of political and conventional warfare, cyberwar, and soft war methods including fake news, diplomacy and electoral intervention.
The genius of this cyberwar is that unwitting Westerners do most of the work.
The emergence of Fake News and threat of Cyberwar now impact free, fair and peaceful elections in the US and worldwide
Libicki, Cyberdeterrence and Cyberwar (Santa Monica, CA: RAND, 2009).
The US also refused to discuss a Russian proposal for a Cyberwar Ban Treaty.
Their targets are vulnerable young Irishmen and women who they want to fight on the field but also in the cyberwar they are waging.
Clarke stated to National Public Radio (NPR), "We're probably doing things on lot of networks around the world to get ready for cyberwar, and yet we don't have a military strategy that has been shared with the Congress or the public.
Singer and Allan Friedman's Cybersecurity and Cyberwar, they write out of a mission to alert both specialists and the public to rising and disturbingly underestimated threats, a theme that is also reaching a broad audience through Ted Koppel's new book.
Recounting the arrival of geopolitics to cyberspace from January 2006 to June 2015, Bronk discusses a new great game; checking Facebook on an iPhone; Tunis, room 641A, and the politics of the information society; the great cyberwar of 2007; securing cyberspace in the Homeland; a commission, a review, but little policy; hard cyber power from Stuxnet to Shamoon; diplomacy, social software, and the Arab Spring; espionage, radical transparency, and national security; Snowden; cybercrime and punishment; and virtual policy in the real world.
Ali termed cyber intrusion an instrument of modern world fifth generation warfare stressing that the allocation of substantial resources by global powers in developing their cyberwar force signifies the need of paying urgent attention to this arena which was not less important than the battle fields of land, air, sea and the space.
IN RECENT YEARS CYBERWAR HAS BEEN A REGULAR TOPIC IN BOTH OFFICIAL and unofficial commentaries in China and the United States.
Contrary to some expert opinion, the relationship between China's ability to exploit its nuclear arsenal for political or military-deterrent purposes and China's apparent expertise in cyberwar deserves closer scrutiny.
This nasty little worm was a superb illustration of how ethics can be applied to cyberwar.
The author has studied Al-Qaeda's global terror network, military tensions in the Taiwan Strait, drones and cyberwar, and maintains that Globalism is wildly overstated.