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(biology) the field of science concerned with processes of communication and control (especially the comparison of these processes in biological and artificial systems)

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In order to better illustrate the extent to which the cultural environment, surrounding Volponi in those years, devoted great attention to cybernetic research, it is essential to mention Leonardo Sinisgalli, also employed at Olivetti, from 1937 to 1940 as head publicist, and later as an external collaborator.
Grey/silver hair, a cybernetic left eye and arm, and huge guns, literally and figuratively (he's been working out for the role).
Stanislaw Lem's cybernetic fictions, as well as his Wiener-influenced masterpiece of futurism Summa Technologiae (1964), possess more rigor than Maturana and his student Francisco Varela ever managed.
From a school of scientific thought that emerged throughout the 1930s and 1940s as part of the war effort, Cyber-Proletariat embraces the ideas of cybernetic thought as a "guide to how computers have altered the technological processes of capital.
Second is a hint as to how the Major came to be in her fully cybernetic body and what she plans to do with it when she says, 'They took my life, I'll take my revenge.
7trillion road map for Russia's cybernetics market includes developing a computer programming language, secure cybernetic communications, quantum computing and communication between computers and human brains.
In many ways, my practice also mimes them, but the more I read them and cybernetics together, the more I realized how much they share, and of course poststructuralism has an incredible relationship to cybernetic thinking.
Cybernetic Serendipity" entered this nexus from another side, reframing the arts via Norbert Wiener's understanding of cybernetics to embrace the computer as a tool of radical de-skilling that would break down any distinction between art and technology.
Islamabad -- Capital Development Authority (CDA) has made functional five (05) cybernetic (dancing) water fountains installed in different areas of the Federal Capital.
Indeed, given its presence in the C3i strategies of the post-second world war US military-industrial complex, its presence in well-known work by Norbert Wiener (amongst others), not to mention in a number of relatively recent historical accounts, the cybernetic resonances of the term are readily evident.
Technological challenges such as cybernetic attacks
IN the days when computers and robotics as we know them today were in their infancy, Cybernetic Serendipity was an exhibition of work by composers, engineers, artists and mathematicians that attempted to bring together emerging science and the arts.
2015), "The University in the Epoch of Digital Reason: Fast Knowledge in the Circuits of Cybernetic Capitalism," Analysis and Metaphysics 14: 38-58.
from the future though the cybernetic bells snow a deaf blueness
Since 2008, Paul Myoda has been working on cybernetic sculptures, which are dynamic, interactive works of art that investigate and borrow from various biological systems (i.