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a computer user who uses the internet

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Up to date, the confirmed guests to attend the meeting include president of Lenovo Holdings Liu Chuanzhi, professor of China Europe International Business School Professor Xu Xiaonian, Far East Holdings, chairman of the board Jiang Xipei, partner of Granite Global Ventures Wang Jiafen, president of Huaqi Information Technology Feng Jun, vice president of Junyao Group Wang Junhao, chairman of Five Star Investment Holdings Wang Jianguo, Partner of TPG Texas Pacific Group Mary Ma, Chairman of China Equity Wang Chaoyong, Managing director of Legend Capital Chen Hao, Chairman of Cybernaut Investment Zhu Min, CEO of China eCapital Wang Ran and other well-known entrepreneurs, economists and "Future Star" business leaders.
Wei Lu is a partner of Cybernaut Capital Management Ltd, a private equity firm with a Greater China regional focus, and has over fifteen years of diverse experience in investment research and management as well as business operations.
You might not be a cyberpunk or cybernaut, but the day will soon arrive when you'll have to venture into the labyrinths of cyberspace.
PORTAL -- Host Cybernaut Dave Meinstein explores the fantasy-laden virtual worlds of massively multiplayer online games.
7 is available for organizations converting from any of the following products: Net Partners' WebSense, Spyglass' SurfWatch Professional Edition, MicroSystems' CyberNaut, and Secure Computing's Smart Filter.
Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott said: "Dick has been a great friend and musical contributor to The Cybernauts (Joe and Phil Collen's project) and Def Lep-pard for many years.
Thousands of cybernauts angrily demanded that the musical be cancelled and some called for Cherif to be stripped of his Tunisian citizenship.
Already, millions of cybernauts use chat rooms, weblogs, podcasting, and Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds.
Department store Falabella rewards cybernauts for purchases.
To search and explore best describes the mission of most cybernauts.
Thus, 'In Night City' includes signifiers from William Gibson's Neuromancer, a science-fiction adventure that helped to integrate cyberspace into novel-writing territory,[18] since when film technique has familiarized and acclimatized audiences to the machine assimilation of human subjectivity to a degree that troubles some real world analysts: screen cyborgs, cybernauts, and self-programming (and therefore autonomous) computers are now staple representational fare, where forms of simulation routinely shape and transmit versions of the actual.
One finds statements made in quite different contexts, on how cybernauts experience `horizontal transcendence' and come to embody a `humanity reconciled with itself,' who should spread the glad tidings to all their unconnected fellows" (2000:111).
All over the world, Web cameras are pointed out windows, filming the passing scene for the viewing pleasure of cybernauts.
The stock is small, with things like a fragrance oil burner, picture frame and china clock but they are asking for suggestions from cybernauts about what is needed.
In this brave new world, we surviving cybernauts are expected to work more quickly, more efficiently, and more productively than ever.