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the control of processes by computer

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Dolgoff however, true to his anarcho-syndicalist convictions, does not imagine the solution to the emergence of this new economic order capable of resolving the contradictions of cybernation coming from a political decision made at the highest levels of state power.
It's a cybernation founded on the goals of protecting nature, making materialism subordinate to spiritualism, and meritocracy (official positions and private jobs are given to citizens who demonstrate competence).
1997), Forcing the Factory of the Future: Cybernation and Social Institutions, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
Neil Barrett, Digital Crime: Policing the Cybernation (London, England: Kogan Page, 1997).
a huge patchwork of code that defines a rapidly growing cybernation, the tightly linked community of those who make and use it.
Q1: 'Will computer technologies finally establish true factory principles through the cybernation of the "workshop" sphere of batch production?
The US high-tech industry exported a record $181 billion in manufactured products in 1999 (26 percent of all U S goods exports), selling at least $1 million in leading-edge tech products to 172 countries worldwide, according to data found in Cybernation 2.
According to the American Electronics Association CyberNation study, "high-tech workers, a larger group of which IT workers are a part, earn 73 percent more that other private-sector workers.
It is important to ask whether the concentration on English by Ashcroft, Griffiths and Tiffin is useful for broader, multidisciplinary analyses of the advent of what Manuel Castells describes as 'the globalisation and cybernation of accumulation'(34) disseminated by computers and television.
But this process, he notes, has resulted in isolation, extreme division of labor, cybernation, stimulated consumption, and planned obsolescence and waste, all of which counteract human ends.
Despite these gains, recent structural changes in the economy, deindustrialization, and the advent of such technological innovations as robotics, cybernation, and automation-- particularly in the older urban manufacturing centers--have led to increased unemployment for black workers, and thus thwarted social mobility for an increasing number of blacks, leaving them trapped in declining cities and ghettos.