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the culture that emerges from the use of computers for communication and entertainment and business

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Using the aforementioned TPB case as a jumping off point, Burkart argues for the use of NSM theory to interrogate the cyberculture at the heart of pirate politics while relying on Habermasian critical theory to place the movement in the context of a counterhegemonic force pushing back against the colonization of the digital lifeworld.
While the story of the Internet may be one of interhuman communication, there also exist new underlying practices (caressing and crushing a shell), hidden links (the counterculture, cyberculture, and drug culture), or ways of using the images imposed on us to make new images that are (re)produced through the work and its inherent duration.
PJ: In the recent conversation (Turner & Rheingold, 2014), you and Fred Turner briefly outlined deep links between the post World War II period, counterculture and cyberculture of the sixties, and contemporary neoliberal capitalism--and these links can easily be applied to commodification and McDonaldisation of education and research.
According to Souza (2005), we are facing several changes in modern society, brought about by Cyberculture.
What cyberculture needs right now is not another science-fiction novel but its first great historical novel, and Cryptonomicon is it: an intimate genealogical portrait of the 20th century's computer geeks, great and small, and of the technosocial landscape they have more and less knowingly shaped.
According to Manuel Castells, one of foremost theorists of cyberculture, what is striking is the users' "inability to create Utopia, even in the absence of institutional or spatial limitations.
Joshua Kopstein is a cyberculture journalist and researcher from New York City.
Key words: cultural artifact, literacy, new literacy studies, literate culture, cyberculture.
The author's discussion of the function of "lenses" in critical thinking about historical and contemporary cultural transformation--and the evaluation of the function of religion/ritual activities in that culture--make the book useful for both specialists and nonspecialists in liturgy, as the authors present their discussion of an ancient cultural concept/rite/liturgy against the background of the rapidly evolving cyberculture.
Rockin' in Red Square: Critical Approaches to International Education in the age of Cyberculture, 2nd Edition
Counselors, coaches and other change-agents are becoming more and more interested in delivering services via technology while also understanding the impact of cyberculture on their business and in the lives of their clients.
AFP Issu d'une frange de la cyberculture californienne, ce mouvement mise sur une evolution rapide des progres de l'informatique, des bio- et nanotechnologies et de la connaissance du cerveau.
To my shame, I have to admit that as an economist with little knowledge of the history of computers and cyberculture, I had not yet heard of Howard Rheingold before I encountered his book Net Smart.
Cyberculture (the last utopia of the twentieth century) is co-opted by corporate capitalism.
In the process of globalization, information technology and communication have generated among humans a great revolution in the way we communicate, socialize, access, and transmit appropriate information, which has given rise to new social settings, political, economic and cultural rights within almost all nations of the world," writes Mexican intellectual Adalberto Santana in the preface to Sonia Valle de Frutos book, Cyberculture and universal civilization, in which these issues are discussed.