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a cafe whose customers sit at computer terminals and log on to the internet while they eat and drink

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And this will allow each user, of those 65,000 people, exactly one hour of access every five years--assuming everyone on the island would want to use these cybercafes.
Dans deux cybercafes situes dans la peripherie du lycee Lyautey a Casablanca, le constat est frappant.
The aspirations for cybercafes as places of innovation, inspiration, and inclusion into the digital economy have faded away.
Sify mylife is a platform that will offer multiple services to our end consumers through our rich eco-system of cybercafes, advertisers and partners.
With the launch, an end-consumer can connect to Sify mylife from the next-generation cybercafes.
The issuance of licenses for the establishment of cybercafes is managed by the Ministry of Culture (MC) and its local departments.
Ideacts has presence in 58 cities and their major USP has been the ability to put a structure to the defragmented cybercafe industry in India.
Brig Alwan said in the past, cybercafes in Ajman were allowed to remain open round-the-clock but now they will be allowed till 2am only.
In an attempt to continue bringing needed services closer to communities in Manati and adjacent towns, Manati Mayor Juan "Aubin" Cruz plans to invest more than US$5 million in the next few years to open some four pharmacies, five cybercafes, and up to seven community libraries with Internet stations, reports Caribbean Business (Nov.
Tokyo, Japan, Sept 15, 2005 - (JCNN) - Tokyo-based web content filtering software developer Digital Arts has developed i-FILTERING for Netcafe (cybercafe), a filtering application for deployment at cybercafes where anyone can access the Internet.
awards went to 10 cybercafes around the world in six different categories.
Owners of trendy cybercafes say they have worked hard to comply with Los Angeles city restrictions taking effect today and believe they will make their haunts safer environments for the teenage customers.
China's recent announcement that it has closed 8,600 unlicensed cybercafes since February comes as part of a nonstop, long-term crackdown against Chinese teenagers' choice entertainment venues, industry insiders said Friday.
As Sills' dissent observes, only three of the city's 23 cybercafes have experienced the "gang-related violence" that provided the rationale for the law.