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an assault on electronic communication networks

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China, battling increased threats from cyber-terrorism and hacking, will adopt from Thursday a controversial law that mandates strict data surveillance and storage for firms working in the country, the official Xinhua news agency said.
The participants at the conference discussed the topics of cyber-terrorism in the context of the conflict of legislations, cultural and social decline, the arrangement between human rights principles and the efforts to combat cyber-terrorism.
The lack of trust that exists between the private and public sectors is hindering the efforts to create the very important cyber-terrorism policy.
In the case of cyber-terrorism, locations where attacker is located and the location where attack takes place could be under different jurisdiction.
90-ies were a decade of cyber-vandals, 2000's were a decade of cybercriminals, I am afraid now it is a new era of cyber-wars and cyber-terrorism," Kaspersky added.
Remaining chapters look at cyber-terrorism, personal protective equipment, the national response plan and preparedness, government and voluntary agencies, and the National Infrastructure Protection Plan.
The susceptibility of the Defense Department s networks to cyber-terrorism is the "single vulnerability" that troubles him the most, he tells an industry conference.
Businesses are trying to become resilient to machine and human imperfections such as intrusions, mistakes, accidents and cyber-terrorism as the price to pay for not implementing data protection can be fatal.
Managerial guide for handling cyber-terrorism and information warfare.
Market participants, regulators, and others in the official sector should encourage further efforts to reduce the specific threats posed by cyber-terrorism.
Generally, the magazine will cover such topics as identity theft, cyber-terrorism, network forensics, perimeter defense, secure web services and encryption.
BindView's Mark Loveless, who often goes by the handle "Simple Nomad", will tell the BindView Insight User Conference 2003: "Buying into the hype around security threats like Cyber-terrorism causes organizations to be distracted from the real risks.
SMEs are most vulnerable to cyber-terrorism,'' he said.
The Avalanche DDoS Attack Module has been successfully used by government agencies charged with strengthening the national networking infrastructure against cyber-terrorism.
Cyber-terrorism is something of a stealth issue: It isn't in the headlines every day, and the war on terrorism tends to focus more on threats of physical attacks.