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a computer network consisting of a worldwide network of computer networks that use the TCP/IP network protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange


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He added, "In the spending review, I have made a provision to almost double our investment to protect Britain from cyber attack and develop our sovereign capabilities in cyber space, totalling Au1.
While intelligence agencies are currently scrutinising social media and the cyber space there is no dedicated inter- ministerial mechanism for this.
The issue of Securing Cyber Space was also discussed.
Creating awareness and delivering security as part of services are measures to mitigate threats from cyber space, the telecom regulator said.
Summary: TRA continued its efforts to ensure a safe cyber space for users in the UAE, and monitors cyber threats that might threaten users in the country in an effort to protect and guide them from falling prey to hackers.
It also illustrates the power of innovative thinking and the very tools we need to stop those who have hijacked cyber space.
A HIGH flying army cadet has made an advance into cyber space to start his very first blog.
There is no Maginot Line in cyber space as recent high-profile attacks on defence contractors have shown," he said.
A hi-tech message from cyber space has our young hero on his father's trail.
Writing at a low to middle level of rigor in order to appeal to students, professional practitioners, or policy makers, Shalhoub, a researcher at the Dubai International Financial Centre, and Al Qasimi, Minister of Foreign Trade for the United Arab Emirates, set out an empirical/theoretical framework for understanding the impact of law regarding cyber space and its determinants in the context of emerging and developing economies.
Acting on the challenges of today and tomorrow is the responsibility of IT managers to make cyber space more controlled, said Dr Rama Subramaniam, a cyber crime expert and the director of Valiant Technologies.
Starling said that cyber space is more than a path upon which information travels.
This acquisition is expected to expand SafeNet's solutions that protect data within the US government's cyber space, said Chris Fedde, SafeNet president and chief operating officer.
This year's theme is Stay Safe in Cyber Space, which encourages young people to recognise and act against internet bullying.
As part of the Cyber Peace Initiative activities, Intel also announced the provision of Intel Learn training to over 20,000 students in CPI in Egypt, thus helping the students develop learning skills and understand their responsibility in cyber space.
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