cyanuric acid

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a trimer of cyanic acid

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Although our environmental health assessment identified numerous points for potential intervention at Hotel A, none of the findings explicitly contributed to this cryptosporidiosis outbreak except possibly the use of cyanuric acid.
Melamine does not exhibit systematic toxicity individually, but able to complex with other substances such as endogenous uric acid or cyanuric acid to form crystal in the tubules which cause
terrigena, could play a role in cyanuric acid formation, and the team found those and four other Klebsiella species in the rat feces.
Cyanuric acid is a structural analogue of melamine and is used in the manufacture of herbicides, dyes, resins and antimicrobial agents.
The LC/MS method uses the company's Luna HILIC (hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography) column to resolve cyanuric acid and melamine in less than three minutes.
The original report reads that cyanuric acid and melamine were not found in flour.
Thermo Fisher Scientific have announced the availability of a method to detect melamine and cyanuric acid in food matrices.
When their kidneys were examined, pathologists found large, gold-brown crystals that were later associated with melamine and cyanuric acid contamination.
Product recall Normally inert, melamine can trigger the formation of kidney stones when it comes into contact with cyanuric acid.
Technicians now screen every batch to ensure there's no melamine, cyanuric acid, aflatoxin or vomitoxin hiding among the bison and blueberries that make up the chow.
Food additives contaminated with cyanuric acid and melamine were responsible for recent deaths of many pets.
Now people are paying attention, following disclosures last March that at least 16 pets died from poisoned food containing highly suspect ingredients imported from China: wheat gluten laced with cyanuric acid and melamine (chemical byproducts that give the appearance of increased protein content).
The swine had been given feed from China laced with melamine and cyanuric acid, the same toxins that caused an unknown number of pets to develop kidney disease and die.
Later in the investigation, a team at the University of Guelph also found cyanuric acid and melamine in the tissues, kidneys, and urine of infected pets.
The FDA said that the food contained ingredients tainted with melamine, used in making plastic, and cyanuric acid, a melamine byproduct used to sanitize pool water, and that the interaction between the chemicals probably caused renal failure in the animals.