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Synonyms for blueprint

Synonyms for blueprint

a method for making, doing, or accomplishing something

to work out and arrange the parts or details of

Synonyms for blueprint

something intended as a guide for making something else

photographic print of plans or technical drawings etc

make a blueprint of


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There is then something of the early underwater photograph about these cyanotypes, whose washing-to-blue plunges the image into the intense depths of colour.
Dark blue impressions known as blueprints or cyanotypes, normally associated with architectural design, is one of the most permanent photographic processes known.
Tomoko Abe's Solar Tailings is a wall-sized mural 3 x 20 feet with glazed porcelain abstract solar shapes and their shadows in a cyanotype print on Washi paper.
In her 1990s Wild Women Don't Get No Blues series, Amaki creates photographic collages that are printed in cyanotype on cotton muslin.
Processes included in the workshop are Photogenic Drawing, Cyanotype, Salted paper process, and Van Dyke brown process.
1) A child's hands are captured on a cyanotype as it hangs to dry during an art workshop at the Getty Family Festival on Saturday at the J.
Blue Parasol, 2009, is actually a cyanotype photogram: Warboys made it by coating the canvas with a light-sensitive solution, placing a bundle of reeds in a circular formation suggesting the shape of an open parasol at its center, and exposing it to the sun.
The pair's cyanotype An Assortment of Studio Props, 1913, 1997 -- fake composition dates are part of their titles--presents the odds and ends associated with a beaux-arts studio school.
Monochrome settings: Monochrome settings can be applied to any color image in the camera, to convert it to a pleasing monochromatic picture, either in black-and-white, sepia or cyanotype.
Jill also teaches the alternative processes she uses: cyanotype, kallitype, palladium and Van Dyke Brown.
This workshop is for creative people of all disciplines who want to expand on their visualizing possibilities, explore new options and inspire new directions, and learn to make cyanotypes - salt prints - vandyke brown and albumen prints with your digital photos.
March 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Trident Gallery is pleased to present " Pale Shadows: Cameraless Images by Pamela Ellis Hawkes," an exhibition of cyanotypes, tintypes, and pigment prints captured without a camera.
Chapters cover chemical safety, materials and techniques, digital negaitves, fugitive (non-fixed and semi-fixed) printing, cyanotypes, salt and albumen prints, Van Dyke brown/kallitype/argyrotypes, platinum and palladium prints, wet plate collodion, liquid emulsion, gum printing, transfers and other ideas, and printing on ceramics.