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a bluish discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes

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severe tricuspid stenosis precipitates a constellation of signs like central cyanosis, digital clubbing, limb and facial oedema and tender hepatomegaly.
The recurrent cyanosis was resolved when the baby became naturally glowing on cry, and rest of all workup was insignificant.
After taking informed consent from parents, the neonates were examined for meconium staining, tachypnea and cyanosis.
Data was retrieved from PICU registry included demographic profile (age, sex and weight), clinical findings, postoperative mortality, length of ICU stay, ventilation time, GI complications, urine output, TLC levels, arrhythmias, cyanosis and major cardiac complications were evaluated.
Collectively low saturation, pulseless cold peripheries, cyanosis, and pain in the Rt.
On a first presentation of mild cyanosis, sepsis is the charging rhinoceros of preventable harm that will run you over if you are too slow to react.
2006 (3) Trowitzcsh et Cyanosis All peripheral Above the aortic al.
Consequently, methemoglobin causes cyanosis and impairs oxygen delivery to tissues.
Further investigation revealed a prominent cyanosis that was responsive to oxygen therapy, a chronic respiratory acidosis with hypoxia, a cardiac murmur, and a persistent polycythemia.
causing symptoms such as cyanosis, headache, dizziness, shortness of breath, and loss of consciousness.
Shamdasani further said that Madani has high blood pressure while Abu Issa suffers from cyanosis.
She had cyanosis around the lips and the mouth - that's when your lips turn blue from lack of oxygen," said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.
If the pressure in the right heart and pulmonary vessels increases to that of the left heart, the result is a left-to-right shunt, leading to cyanosis.
University Hospital Sharjah (UHS) has admitted a rare critical case of a one-day old newborn with pulmonary hypertension and apnea, resulting in severe hypoxia and a drop in oxygen saturation of 100 per cent, with generalised cyanosis.
A What you're describing could be a condition called cyanosis--when it occurs in the fingers and fingernails, it is referred to as peripheral cyanosis, but it also may manifest in the mucus membranes (for example, the gums and lips).