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the monovalent group -CN in a chemical compound

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It is found that the normalized intensity of the characteristic absorption peak at 2233 cm 1 attributed to cyano group decreased distinctly after the prepolymer was cured at 260[degrees]C, whereas a new characteristic peak located at 1384 [cm.
1] attributed to cyano group decreased distinctly after prepolymer was cured at 240[degrees]C, while several new characteristic peaks located at 3289 [cm.
Though cyanofeerocene is a better acceptor than ferrocene, the cyano group on cyanoferrocene causes the cyclopentadieny1 rings to tilt such that the unsubstiuted side of cyanoferrocene does not have as much separation for the donor to intercollate between the cyclopentadieny1 rings.
In addition, the cyano groups enhance the ICT along the polymer chain thus lowering the band gap energy of the polymer.
And, the absorption strength appears relatively weak is due to the cyano group which is an effective extinction reagent.
1], coming from the merge of the cyano group bands of AN, whereas previous data were not observed for the original LDPE.
1] region are attributed to the stretching vibration of cyano group (-C[equivalent to]N) of AN component and the out-of-plane bends (=C-H) of the single substituted aromatic ring.
Cyanoform has a central carbon atom attached to a hydrogen atom and to three cyano groups, each consisting of a carbon triplebonded to a nitrogen.
Mercer, FW, McKenzie, MT, Bruma, M, Schulz, B, "Synthesis and Properties of Fluorinated Polyimides and Fluorinated Poly(imide amide)s Containing Pendent Cyano Groups.
The self-healing crosslinked polymer gel has a backbone with cohesive functional groups such as hydroxyl groups, acetates, thiols, amines, amides, carboxylic acids, carboxylates, phosphonates, sulfonyl halides, silicate esters, ammonium salts, sulfonyl acids, siloxyls, silyls, or cyano groups.