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Synonyms for cyanide

any of a class of organic compounds containing the cyano radical -CN

an extremely poisonous salt of hydrocyanic acid

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Headquartered in Pearland, TX, Cyanco is the largest global producer of sodium cyanide with manufacturing facilities in Nevada and Texas serving customers in North America, Latin America, and Africa.
The companys portfolio includes established transport and logistics concepts, customer training on the safe handling of cyanide, as well as technology and service products for the whole cyanide life cycle.
6 milligrams per liter (mg/l) of cyanide, which far exceeded the water quality standard of 0.
It is well known that cyanide and its derivatives are metabolic inhibitors (Solomonson and Spehar, 1981).
An extra 27 sites to monitor water quality have also been set up to detect cyanide.
Tianjin bureau of environmental protection chief engineer Bao Jingling said no cyanide had been detected in rain samples collected 7 kilometers from the blast site, which is a populated area.
Oberg and colleagues used the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array in Chile to detect radio waves emitted by the cyanide molecules.
But the carbon structure of isopropyl cyanide branches off, making it the first interstellar detection of such a molecule, says Rob Garrod, Cornell senior research associate at the Center for Radiophysics and Space Research.
Cyanco Holding Corporation, a producer of sodium cyanide, is expanding its sodium cyanide solution plant in Winnemucca, Nevada.
The alleged crimes--which include storing cyanide and other toxic substances in an unpermitted, 6,900-gallon tank at the Richmond site--occurred over a two-year period beginning in March 2011, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Contra Costa County district attorney's office.
Authorities in Zimbabwe have confirmed that 90 elephants had been killed through cyanide poaching but hunters said the actual total was much higher and put the figure at over 300.
announced on May 9 the successful startup of its new 55,000-metric ton per year (mt/y) sodium cyanide plant in Alvin, Texas, USA, and the completion of an expansion from 75,000 to 93,000 mt/y at its Winnemucca, Nevada, USA, facility.
22 February 2013 a[euro]" Mexican conglomerate Grupo Idesa SA de CV said it was close to inking an accord with German cyanides company CyPlus GmbH for the establishment of a joint venture to build a sodium cyanide plant in Mexico.
A lady walked into a drugstore and told the pharmacist she needed some cyanide.