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a rule that when literal compliance is impossible the intention of a donor or testator should be carried out as nearly as possible

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However, nonprofit leadership who apply cy pres principles to their evaluation of and approach to a proposed merger will be better positioned for success, as cy pres requires the organization to focus its attention to its obligations of external accountability.
025 million cy pres award as part of Florida's share of a class action consumer case out of Washington State--Jerry Cooper, Inc.
The term cy pres (sigh pray) is derived from French words meaning "as near as" and that is still at the heart of its meaning today.
16) An example of an appropriate use of cy pres funds would be an award to emergency responders to buy equipment after an environmental catastrophe because they either responded to the catastrophe at issue or would be called upon to respond to similar emergencies in the future.
If the cy pres doctrine works, it could be applied to many similarly problematic city names.
149) This is most often accomplished through application of the equitable doctrine of cy pres, in which settlement funds that cannot be delivered directly to injured individuals are instead used for their "next best use" by distributing them more generally, as through a consumer trust fund, to subsidize related consumer protection efforts.
The Restatement provides guidance and rationale as to what courts may or may not regard as legitimate charitable purposes and what are appropriate applications of the cy pres doctrine.
It asserted that this status gave rise to certain claims or obligations that the state can assert against it under the cy pres doctrine, the constructive-trust doctrine or a similar doctrine for the public benefit.
Also featured is an explanation of settlement stipulations, aggregation and distribution of settlement coupons and cy pres settlements.
16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --The National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) was the recipient of a cy pres award as a part of the settlement of a class action suit against Motorola and other Bluetooth manufacturers.
Most recently, Feldman facilitated a $4 million cy pres donation to legal services in Pennsylvania.
A cy pres award from the James Hoyer Law Firm will make it possible for Bay Area Legal Services to continue helping low-income homeowners facing foreclosure.
The Illinois Bar Foundation under the leadership of the talented David So-sin is continuing to serve legal charitable needs and to plan to expand cy pres and legacy giving as a way to expand the good they can do.
In these times of cutbacks in funding for legal services programs and limited availability of foundation grants for litigation and lobbying, it is more important than ever for consumer attorneys to seek funding for consumer advocacy through cy pres remedies.