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being ten more than one hundred ten

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Purchases of electricity to the entities listed in Annex 1b to the Terms of Reference -Part 2 - Tariff Cxx and Gxx other facilities
Rugamer, "Der Isenheimer Altar Matthias Grunewalds im Lichte der Liturgie und der kirchlichen Reformbewegung," Theologische Quartalschrift cxx (1939), 380.
to GS-12; OCALC /FMHMAD Passage, Stephen, to GS-13; ASC/FM Prestarri, Lynda, to GS-14; AAC/ FMAB Punch, Cheryl, to GS-12; WR-ALC/ FM Spaulding, Donna, to GS-13; ESC/ CXX Taggart, David, to GS-13; OO-ALC/ FMHAE Tikins, Valerie, to GS-12; OCX/ALC/ FMHLKX Turkelson, Jason, to GS-12; ASC/FM Vann, Jesse, to GS-12; 311th HSW/FM Washington, Deborah, to GS-13; AAC/FMHY Watson, Beverly, to GS-12; WR-ALX/ FMA
the same as Hymn CXX, which contains the rubric "As the 104th psalm.
39) gedeme heonon foro, for laeooe oooe for feohfange, beo se wio pone cingc CXX scyllinga scyldig on Engla lage, butan he mid aoe cyoan durre, paet he hit na rihtor ne cupe.
Dauril Alden, "The Significance of Cacao Production in the Amazon Region during the Late Colonial Period: An Essay in Comparative Economic History," Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society CXX (1976): 103-135, suggests Mesoamerican production that may have totaled 3000 to 4000 metric tonnes per year at the turn of the seventeenth century was reduced to less than 700 tonnes annually by the turn of the eighteenth.
The Measurement of Productive Efficiency," Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, CXX, Part 3, 1957, 253-290.
Pirenne's emendation, presumably based on Psalm cxx.
CLAIRE PERRIS: Good for you Sam Hughes-youve always put your children's happiness first cxx TRACEY THOMAS: i wish the parents good luck hope they have lots of advice
Sun Chemical Launches CXX Array of Formable Inks Meant for 3D
Industrially employed cycles are indicated with Cxx, where xx is the cycle duration expressed in hours (Table 1).