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a steep-walled semicircular basin in a mountain


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30 ddwywaith yr wythnos yn gweithio'n well a symud Pobol y Cwm hanner awr yn gynharach yn denu cynulleidfa fawr i'r slot awr newydd," meddai Amanda.
Mae hefyd yn golygu bod dau o gymeriadau mwyaf poblogaidd y cwm yn gorfod wynebu cymeriadau caled byd yr underworld cyffuriau fel Steve; rhywbeth sy'n bryder i wylwyr Pobol y Cwm sydd wedi ffoli ar Iolo a Tyler," meddai Llyr, wrth son am ddau gymeriad sydd a hashtag poblogaidd eu hunain, #tylo.
Kamal Asaad, medical director at Cwm Taf University Health Board, said: "We are on the lookout for skilled medical staff to join our team.
The cover was installed in early December, CWM spokeswoman Lori Caso said last week.
5) To install the CWM recovery and root the bootloader of the phone should be unlocked.
TAQA and CWM teams have started conceptual studies for different technical schemes to ascertain the best form of energy recovery from Delma Island's waste -- household and organic waste.
As part of its presence at the festival, CWM hosted a dedicated stand to educate visitors on its range of services and initiatives.
The CWM is committed to promoting the emirates' reputation as a sustainable city.
And as a ready-made regional delivery vehicle the CWM offers the potential to save the public sector millions of pounds in procurement costs - efficiencies that can be re-invested in sustainable development.
The Cwm Idwal Partnership is overseeing the work, with all partners contributing to the cost.
In his critique of CWM after its first ten years of existence, Jan van Butselaar, a Dutch missiologist, asked a question about whether the structural changes that were introduced were in fact "new shoes" or simply "stockinged feet".
Even during the recent economic slide, CWM has maintained production by supplying to a variety of markets and providing these value-added options before and after the diecast parts are created.
Our second Pobol y Cwm golden great is making a surprise return to the valley this very week.
The sand and cement in CWM form a thin coating that acts as a "carrier," simply holding the catalyst against the concrete so it can penetrate.
After the parties consummated the deal, CWM discovered "discrepancies" in preacquisition account balances resulting in an overstatement of assets and an understatement of liabilities.