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one who causes minor trouble or damage

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The report noted that insurers "have few mechanisms to protect against terrorism loss" because employers in all states except Texas are required to provide workers' cutup coverage for their employees, with no exclusions permitted for terrorism.
Alan Halsey's generation, active since the mid 1970s, was able to exploit the gradual democratization of print, not only in the growth of high-quality small-press publishing, but by taking advantage of photocopy, desktop, and online technologies, a true samizdat, exploring the possibilities of cutup text, scissored visuals, and abrupt conjunctions of word and image.
His works from the 1960s on also turn the existentialist junk virus into a "word virus" that generates self and society as "linguistic-social constructs linked to particular economic and political structures" (Skerl 1985, 63), propounding an escape from entrapping modes of consciousness through the destruction of word traps by means of the cutup, the fold-in, and other strategies that are too intricate to be discussed adequately here.
Local activists can host a swap meet or barter fair; plan a free concert, lecture, teach-in, or all-night party; organize a march through a mall where members of the group each wear a tee-shirt reading "The More You Consume the Less You Live;" set up a credit card cutup table in front of the mall; make a classroom presentation; meet with media; protest sweatshop labor, urban sprawl, and sport utility vehicles; or go "fanclubbing"--buying and returning items all day long.
Excursions to the 65-acre Bellingrath Gardens and Home and Bayou La Batre, the shrimping community made famous by Forest Cutup, can't be missed.
The two authors have very distinct personalities--Reilly is a professional cutup who seems contractually bound to deliver two jokes every three sentences, while Van Natta is a very fine investigative journalist who brings to his work the seriousness of a hog hunting for truffles.
Rick Stryker is a professional engineer with Camp Facilities Consulting providing study, design, permitting, and construction consultation services to the cutup and conference center community.
99), the only one on the market with a three-way chute that facilitates continuous chopping, slicing, and shredding, as the cutup produce automatically moves through the "exit ramp" into the awaiting bowl.
Systems capture and report a wide range of data from kill lines, evisceration lines and cutup processing operations.
If first impressions are correct, this lover must be a true cutup, hoping perhaps to make amends' for calling upon his beloved at 4:00 a.
When it comes to whole and cutup chicken and turkey, the source of the poultry sets off one product from another as much as do the accompaniments or lack of them.
Delmac Machinery Group of Greensboro, NC, has named Mike Cavanaugh as Southeast regional sales manager, James McCray as service manager, Johnnie Freitas as technical phone support technician, Brian Cutup as assistant parts manager, Marty Beste as control software technician, Mike Cox as Busellato product manager and Bill Blackmon as applications engineer.
I mix the cooked chicken and pasta and add cutup steamed carrots, celery, broccoli, and green beans, and a can of cream of mushroom soup.
It's pretty unputdownable; in comparison, cutup novels are hard work.