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ten-armed oval-bodied cephalopod with narrow fins as long as the body and a large calcareous internal shell

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From this, Cuttle provides the math and a spreadsheet that can be used to move from the designer's intention for the space--bright, dim or somewhere in between--through the various surface reflectances to the amount of light that would be needed to be generated at the source(s).
As well as the fishery business, Cuttle Mill includes a "substantial five bedroom family residence", large barns and a seasonal cafe.
Cuttle is a regional property manager with The Simon Companies, in Braintree, Mass.
MacDonald's "Taxonomy" charts the move from a descriptive, visual register ("beak like a hair" describes this specific feature of a wren's anatomy) to a far more complicated, synaesthetic image: "lime scent in the nose/like scrapings from a goldsmith's cuttle," where the lime scent emanates presumably from the cuttlebone the bird gnaws on.
Occasionally the quirks are endearingly sweet, such as 1922 Derby winner Captain Cuttle being so devoted to trainer Fred Darling that he would follow him around like a dog.
And we just had a fantastic display — it was just beautiful," said Terry Cuttle of the Astronomical Association of Queensland, who has seen a dozen total solar eclipses over the years.
The Romans also used sepia, a brown pigment secreted from cuttle fish.
there, has spent much of his long career finding and documenting the fossils of ammonites, a long-extinct group of invertebrate marine animals distantly related to octopus, squid and cuttle fish.
Inspector Paul Cuttle said the circumstances behind the crash are being investigated but urged motorists to take greater care while travelling.
Cuttle Rock 72201 Simmons First National Bank, Tyson Foods Inc.
McDowell RW, Houlbrooke DJ, Muirhead RW, Muller K, Sheperd M, Cuttle SP (2008) 'Grazed pastures and surface water quality.
Try placing cuttle fish and non-treated pieces of wood, such as pines or birch, into his cage for him to play with and chew.
The goal here is that a child has to be held accountable for a harmful behavior but make that a teachable moment and provide supports so it doesn't become a repeat offense," says Connie Cuttle, the office's director of professional development.
Yn yr Iwerddon mae 'na fwyd poblogaidd o'r enw Cuttle Chips.