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a room where films or tapes are edited (by cutting out unwanted parts)

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For the Cutting-Room Floor: Superfluous remarks from the president of the Academy, a mission statement whose pace-arresting effect was underscored by DeGeneres a moment later when she cracked, ''Good luck following that, Amy Adams and Bill Murray
THE SPY WHO LOVED HER: But will steamy scenes end up on cutting-room floor?
Much of the content for the new venture is material "which hits the cutting-room floor; it is information that has not made it into our print publications for whatever reason," he said.
Grab a few clips off the cutting-room floor, find a theme and give the limpest possible script to someone like Gaby Roslin or Terry Wogan, and hey presto, a brand new, epoch-making programme.
A chapter on theories of consumerism is nicely done, but it succeeds not at all in advancing the presentation on England and could easily have been left on the cutting-room floor.
peacekeeping" forces, were, fortunately, left on the cutting-room floor while Brent Scowcroft assured viewers authoritatively that no civilians would be hurt.
You get the sense that Coll and Vise are trying so hard to prove they cracked the SEC that they can't bear to leave any of their hard-won discoveries on the cutting-room floor.
Literally, the zeroed calls are stripped out of the data stream before the billing data is sent - and the information relegated to an electronic cutting-room floor," Zipper says.
Surely, if the Cup continues on ITV, in memory of all those golden moments they consigned to the cutting-room floor, it has to be sponsored by tic tac?
She asks: "Which famous star's big-screen debut appearance ended up on the cutting-room floor?
They have a place for actors/politicians, the cutting-room floor.
Although early video art has often been criticized for being "boring," its strong links to other practices like performance often kept it grounded, focused on visual ideas that can't get lost on the cutting-room floor.
Either way, I fear that the Monthly's hard-wrought Gospel will be left on the cutting-room floor While Jackson is the kind of transforming political leader who may someday succeed by the sheer audacity of his dreams, he is also the least likely figure in either party to lie awake nights wrestling with the knotty dilemmas of bureaucratic accountability.
in Beverly Hills with Army Archerd as master of ceremonies and the cast of stars on stage; excerpts from "The Mike Douglas Show" TV special in 1976 that featured two days of premiere coverage of "That's Entertainment, Part 2"; "The Masters of The Musical" (a new half hour documentary with Ann Miller, Jane Powell, Angela Lansbury and others); "Just One More Time" (1974 featurette); and a dazzling MGM Outtake Jukebox, which includes an impressive array of rarely seen deleted musical numbers from the cutting-room floor featuring such stars as Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Durante, Esther Williams, Lena Horne, Jane Powell, Mel Torme and many other legendary MGM stars.
Sir Alan, 60, said: "The BBC has categorised me as Mr Nasty, so all the humour ends up on the cutting-room floor.