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a room where films or tapes are edited (by cutting out unwanted parts)

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For tickets to the October 12 The Cutting Room performance in NYC please visit:
GOOD FOR CLIENTS: Scott Meddings, owner of The Cutting Room in Coventry (below) supports the licensing of hairdressers
The crowd should turn their back on such antisocial behaviour and television companies should leave footage of same on the cutting room floor where it belongs.
Elliott Naishtat, D-Austin, got left on the cutting room floor - it definitely elicited a few laughs.
But all his efforts were in vain and the bum scene was left on the cutting room floor.
Great location with showroom, cutting room and shop facility.
Actor Chris Noth's Cutting Room, at 19 West 24th Street, closed on January 13 because of a rent increase.
Kings defenseman Rob Blake has supposedly plenty of screen time, but he'd been told that all his lines ended up on the cutting room floor.
The character from the pages of ancient history strolled into the Cutting Room, on Wakefield Road, to present owner Joanne Robinson with tickets for a trip to Rome.
To all who remember Thomas Merton, now on the cutting room floor of the latest catechism, merry Christmas.
Downstairs was the projection theatre, which doubled as a sound recording studio; the negative cutting room with its corps of white-smocked, white-cotton-gloved girls who, under the eye of their "matron," protected "the sacred negative," as a visiting French cameraman once called it.
But now we must mourn the death of another great advertising ploy, which sits on the cutting room floor next to Beanz Meanz Heinz, that infamous Kit Kat phrase, and of course the soft, long and strong Andrex toilet paper.
But it was left on the cutting room floor after being axed from son Anthony's latest blockbuster, Cold Mountain.
There is a suspicion, by the way, that large chunks of this movie have been pruned in the cutting room since it frequently makes no sense at all.
But the 81-year-old star said his scenes have ended up on the cutting room floor.