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a tool used for cutting or slicing

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I took the head butcher and we went out and bought the best knives and other cutting implements we could find.
Knives aren't the simple cutting implements they once were either.
So the Lord of Second Chances gets to work, pulling out minerals and chemicals, hoses and stakes, rakes and hoes and cutting implements.
Prior studies also have associated self-cutting with increased risk for HIV because self-cutters might share cutting implements.
Our hero uses his deadly collection of cutting implements to battle a new breed of evil blood-suckers which preys on both vampires and humans.
found that 61% of a hospitalized sample of adolescents self-injured, and of that sample, 27% reported that they had shared cutting implements with other adolescents.
Sabatier is limited to cutting implements," he continued, "but we can use the Cuisine de France brand name to open up other areas of the kitchen.
Entitled "Coating for Cutting Implements," the patent is the first to issue in a series of pending patent applications for Acme's related cutting technologies.
Stone tools collected at several sites along a plateau in Oman and dated to roughly 106,000 years ago match elongated cutting implements previously found at East African sites from around the same time, say archaeologist Jeffrey Rose of the University of Birmingham, England, and his colleagues.
I had visions of a monstrous regiment descending on him, armed with brickbats and cutting implements.
Ontario Knife is a small business manufacturer supplying a very large selection of cutting implements to the U.
Among the flints were an arrowhead and cutting implements.
Stone tools unearthed at an Arabian Peninsula site called Jebel Faya resemble sharpened points and cutting implements from East African sites of about the same age, says a scientific team led by physical geographer Simon Armitage of the University of London and archaeologist Hans-Peter Uerpmann of the University of Tubingen in Germany.
Gingher(R) produces a premier line of forged cutting implements for home sewing, crafts, needle arts and industrial applications.
Suddenly, he and his chair would disappear through the floor past a posse of perspiring directors manically manipulating one of Black & Decker's finest cutting implements.