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the angle between the face of a cutting tool and the surface of the work

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The PDC cutter stress mainly within 180[degrees] arc of PCD layer, and it is the cutting angle [theta], eat into strata depth [DELTA]h, WOB (Weight on Bit) and lithology of a relationship.
The software automatically tilts the cutter away from the obstacle by the specified tolerance and then returns the cutting angle to the value set for the overall toolpath once the obstacle has been cleared.
Burke was held up short and Jamie Noon knocked on Tom May's tight pop-up after the winger had raced through on a cutting angle.
The nose of the knife holds the blade at the proper cutting angle, allowing the blade to dig into rough surfaces.
After reviewing the development and methods of manufacturing of MLW, this article describes our assessment of the influence on the main physical-mechanical features of cutting angle and bleaching treatment.
Simply fix the Aluminium Oxide abrasive to the mower's bottom plate, switch power on or push by hand, and the sharpener regrinds keen new edges on the blades at the correct cutting angle.
The Highgold Scissor features tungsten carbide cutting edges set at a higher cutting angle.
This is said to reduce finger and wrist fatigue by creating the most efficient and comfortable cutting angle.
The 90-degree cutting angle features an obtuse edge for increased cutting edge toughness.
Ripple technology also increases the flexibility to cut multiple wood species with the same cutting angle, as the light cutting pressure reduces pre-splitting and residual defects.
The influence of tool geometry in terms of chip formation is also studied and an equivalent cutting angle is introduced to replace the cutting radius.
Compression has to be much higher with films - you typically need a steeper cutting angle and higher force," he says, adding that the steeper the cutting angle, the easier it is to convert, but the sooner it wears out.
A study on the influence of the sloped cutting angle on kerf width and part quality in the hot wire cutting of EPS foam for the VLM-s rapid prototyping process is also reviewed, system is based on 4-axis cutting machine, based on straight wire (Ahnetal, 2003).
The head featured on Bahco ERGO secateurs is subtly angled from the body to create the optimum cutting angle without wrist strain.
Special attention should be paid to the cutting angle of the knives and the screen used to ensure uniform particle size similar to that of virgin pellets.