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Synonyms for cutthroat

Synonyms for cutthroat

someone who murders by cutting the victim's throat

ruthless in competition

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It was quite an experience sharing the stage that day with some great barbers - the Nomad Barber, Cutthroat Pete, Daniel Gregory, Kevin Luchman.
Despite a busy travel schedule for work, Hayes made it to about one-third of the Cutthroats home games last year.
Country: USASector: TelecommunicationsTarget: Fremont Telcom Company , Cutthroat Communications Inc, Syringa Networks LLC, Fretel Communications LLC Buyer: Blackfoot Telecommunications GroupVendor: FairPoint Communications Inc Deal size in USD: 30mType: Corporate acquisition, StakebuildingStatus: ClosedComment: Deal size refers to the gross price of the acquisition of FairPoint Communications Inc's Idaho-based operations.
Staff biologists testified cutthroat populations are healthy and stable coastwide.
For 20 years, biologists have been restocking Colorado streams with greenback cutthroat trout to save the endangered fish from extinction.
Jay Bigelow holds a male Lahontan cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarki henshawi), one about three years old and 16 inches (40 centimeters) long, and admires the sunlight reflecting off the black-spotted silvery-white flanks.
THE UPPER reach of Montana's Wasson Creek is home to a purestrain population of westslope cutthroat trout.
The fly lands gracefully at the head of a pool and moments later a large Yellowstone cutthroat sucks it down.
Featuring eight bonus stickers to liven up anyone's cubicle, Try Rebooting Yourself is cartoonist Scott Adams' latest compilation of Dilbert cartoons, which savagely mock and jeer corporate ineffectualness, human obnoxiousness, and the literally cutthroat (or shove-off-a-roof) competition of office politics.
28), starring America Ferrera as a lovable innocent plunged into the cutthroat fashion world, is the season's biggest charmer.
An internationally recognized business planning expert, Professor Hazelgren draws upon his impressive expertise in Tactical Entrepreneur: The Entrepreneur's Game Plan to show aspiring entrepreneurs how to survive and prosper in the cutthroat world of business ownership.
The knife amnesty ends at midnight on Friday and the eight cutthroat razors form an intriguing addition to the sinister haul of blades surrendered over the last few days.
Is this a case of cutthroat competition diminishing demand, or a faulty roll-out that saw the G6 Coupe enter the market well after the sedan and with the convertible just coming into view, or buyer resistance as they try to fathom GM's various pricing schemes?
Dancer Frederic Franklin, peppy and whip-smart at the age of 91, provides piquant commentary on the ballet's survival of the Nazi invasion of Paris, months of whistle-stop tours, cutthroat directors, hostile Southern Klan members, deteriorating sets and costumes, and tempestuous temperaments.