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Synonyms for cuttable

easy to cut or chew


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For--at least according to the classical concept of the continuum not explicitly challenged by string theory, to be spatially extended is to be cuttable, in fact, infinitely divisible.
In these straitened times, we're all glad of a few cuttable corners, and management of the larder is one such corner that we must negotiate with skill.
Metal veterinary cuttable plates, as well as acrylic plates, are readily available in sizes that are useful in large birds.
It's both that good and not--the novel could've benefited from a serious editorial scrubbing, and while few scenes are entirely cuttable, many could've been trimmed substantially.
These are just a few examples; the federal education budget is full of cuttable programs.
RESISTAMYL 140 has been designed to create texture in hot processed bakery creams while delivering benefits such as forming a rich and cuttable gel and providing a smooth and creamy mouthfeel.
The Microtron MB 550 is suited for mixing, dispersing, homogenizing, emulsifying and reducing the Size of cuttable materials.
Then a few small, transparent, cuttable yellow gem crystals from Minh Tien appeared.