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Its five schools and one college encompass 34 academic departments, divisions, and degree-granting programs, as well as numerous interdisciplinary centers, laboratories, and programs whose work cuts across traditional departmental boundaries.
Tideway Foundation also cuts across previously disparate silos of information and removes the labor typically involved in critical IT processes, such as incident and change management.
It's clear that OrderMotion's value cuts across all market segments - from companies providing services, selling product, or simply delivering accurate information.
America's intellectual property cuts across all sectors and are a critical driver of U.
WWE's explosive style of entertainment cuts across cultures and boundaries and it was clearly proven on this tour where fans in four countries attended 14 sell-out events in seven days," said Kurt Schneider, WWE's EVP, Marketing.
The market forecast is built off of a market model that cuts across over 35 IDC software, hardware and services markets.
Everywhere you go, you're going to find majority support for states doing more on preschool," he said, noting that 85% of people polled support high-quality preschool, and added that the support cuts across all demographic groups.
When security is truly integrated, it cuts across functional lines throughout a business, encompassing human resources, legal, audit, and corporate communications departments.
We will continue to produce and support the same high-quality products that we're known for, but under a more familiar and consistent name that cuts across each of our business segments.
As an early indication of this scenario, FPD trade shows are now filled with a cross-section of companies that cuts across industry lines.
Multi-vendor interoperability testing that cuts across technologies (including IP, Ethernet and SONET/SDH) is critical for the success of the evolution of carrier networks to converged networks, capable of efficiently supporting both data and voice applications.