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a thief who steals from the pockets or purses of others in public places

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Fathers, daughters, sons, cutpurses, and strong women like Moll all attended plays.
A large proportion of women representing the different social classes attended plays in court, private, and public venues from Lady Jane May and Lady Smith to maidservants to prostitutes and cutpurses, like Mary Frith.
Nicknamed Moll Cutpurse because of her thieving exploits, highway robbery, and pawnbroking, Mary Frith adopted male behavior, as when she "procured her pardon" out of Newgate "by giving her adversary two thousand pounds" (Newgate Calendar 172).
Both female leads, Wise-Woman and Moll Cutpurse, have similar personality traits.
The prologue, for example, suggests that a play about Moll Cutpurse has been long anticipated.
She is supposed to be a cutpurse, but then insists on the return of stolen property.
The epilogue offers the "real," extra-theatrical Moll Cutpurse herself as compensation:
The Life and Death of Mistress Mary Frith, Commonly Called Moll Cutpurse 1662, With A Facsimile of the Original Edition.
well knowne & acquainted with all theeves & cutpurses.
There is good reason to believe that it was not so much the fact that a woman in male dress entertained an audience in a public theater--after all the authorities had been tolerating her dress violations, outdoor pranks, and unlicensed entertainments in Southwark and the city of London for some years without intervening--as the uncontrollable concourse of the additional spectators wanting to see the afterpiece and the throng of cutpurses in league with Mary Frith that alarmed the authorities and led them to arrest her in April 1611 in order to prevent a repetition of her solo performance.
It emerges from their bill that Richard Dell, outraged that his wife was being questioned in Mary Markham's house, demanded that his wife be removed from her company, for, as he said, Mary Markham was "a notorious infamous person, and such a one as was well knowne & acquainted with all theeves & cutpurses.
With the crowds of louts, cutpurses, embezzlers, con men, rip-off artistes, bad hats, riff-raff and other ne'er do wells will, of course, go betting turnover.
It would be an insult to Falstaff's gang of ragamuffins and cutpurses to say that the surrealists resembled them; Falstaff's had wit and style.
The deceit practiced by the education establishment is almost presidential in its magnitude and is worthy of being published in detail, in 64-point red type, so that never again will the ripjacks, cutpurses and highbinders of LAUSD be able to fool us so completely.
Reynolds's belief that "there was a substantially unified criminal culture of rogues, vagabonds, beggars, cony-catchers, cutpurses, prostitutes, and gypsies" (22), has been discredited by historians such as A.