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a switch that interrupts an electric circuit in the event of an overload

a photograph from which the background has been cut away

a part that is cut out or is intended to be cut out

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A close look reveals that Bradford's shimmering, variegated forms are composed of overlapping squares of cellophane and paper used in various dyeing, straightening, and curling processes, sometimes layered over salvaged remnants of posters or alongside cutouts from hairstyling magazines.
3, 1998--As airlines begin putting Plexiglas cutouts in front of airport X-ray machines to ensure carry-on bags are small enough to fit under passenger seats or in overhead bins, increased delays and consumer dissatisfaction is likely to grow.
The former's influence can be seen in an unmistakable manner in "The Last Work," the series of small cutouts that hang from the walls of the gallery, accompanying the sculpture.
Roll out excess pastry and make cutouts - rosettes, leaves, etc.
6--Color) The children's fantasy room, designed by Sheryl Lee Ralph (``Moesha''), Ben Savage (``Boy Meets World'') and Debbe Dunning (``Home Improvement''), is divided by plywood cutouts of trees.
On each surface he has distributed the elements he uses according to a rigorous schema: on one side, the cutout sketches of patterns, and on the other, the often flat figures of cardboard, leather, cloth, or even wood.
When he retired, he began to freely explore his creative talents by creating colorful cutouts.
I hope this isn't a sign of things to come, where they're taken off transport duties to the point we're looking at cardboard cutouts.
The April's Fool's campaign by the Mayo Road Safety Office and gardai featured life-size cutouts of Gda Conneely with her speed gun at the N5 roadway linking Castlebar and Swinford and the Westport to Castlebar road - two of the busiest routes in the West.
It's also a counting book; the reader first sees one, two, three, or more highlights of a painting through circular cutouts in a cover page, then turns the cover page to witness the entire painting.
Gather and reroll all scraps and cut the same way (you'll have about 25 cutouts total).
The photographs of the aged Matisse working on the cutouts sought likewise to legitimize his work in a medium many saw as a frivolous diversion by emphasizing his ongoing attachment to the sensuous gratifications of art and his undimmed devotion to his craft even as he recovered, once again, from a life-threatening illness.
Upset by nude cardboard cutouts of Khan, in promotion for his upcoming film PK, Hegde went around town trying to "clothe" Aamir, or at any rate his cardboard cutout, as he said the cutouts were "objectionable" and created a "wrong impression" in the minds of youngsters and families -- who he obviously believes have never seen the human body before.
Summary: SHARJAH - Making comic books, creating their own dream city with simple cardboard cutouts and finding art in language are a few of the skills children learn at the Sharjah Children's Reading Festival.