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a switch that interrupts an electric circuit in the event of an overload

a photograph from which the background has been cut away

a part that is cut out or is intended to be cut out

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Dundee Partnership's community regeneration forums in Strathmartine and Coldside provided the funding to buy the cutouts, which will be padlocked into place.
Even after the promo campaign ended, zookeepers decided to keep the Hululu cutout inside the penguin enclosure for Grape-kun.
Numerous leaks suggest that the iPhone Edition will have notch or a cutout on the top portion of the display where the front-facing camera and its sensors are placed.
Neither the police or Metro staff asked him about the life-sized cutout of the monarch, which was taken away by police after the incident.
Optimization of Spatially Varying Fiber Paths for a Symmetric Laminate with a Circular Cutout under Remote Uniaxial Tension," SAE Int.
He continues to paint and draw, but he has become most well-known for his dynamic usage of colored paper cutout pieces.
Gather and reroll all scraps and cut the same way (you'll have about 25 cutouts total).
The photographs of the aged Matisse working on the cutouts sought likewise to legitimize his work in a medium many saw as a frivolous diversion by emphasizing his ongoing attachment to the sensuous gratifications of art and his undimmed devotion to his craft even as he recovered, once again, from a life-threatening illness.
Upset by nude cardboard cutouts of Khan, in promotion for his upcoming film PK, Hegde went around town trying to "clothe" Aamir, or at any rate his cardboard cutout, as he said the cutouts were "objectionable" and created a "wrong impression" in the minds of youngsters and families -- who he obviously believes have never seen the human body before.
As part of an effort to cut crime at the Alewife MBTA subway and bus station in Cambridge, transit police placed a cardboard cutout of a police officer in the bicycle cage.
25" must be added to this to account for the cutout bevel).
The 39-year-old said: "I thought it was hilarious when I heard about the cutout.
Seeing double: Alan Titchmarsh grabs his cardboard cutout for a quick getaway from a B&Q store in Birmingham.
He said: "It has stopped shoplifting at the Co-op and the cutout has now been moved into the Post Office.