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Synonyms for cutoff

a designated limit beyond which something cannot function or must be terminated

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a route shorter than the usual one

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a device that terminates the flow in a pipe

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While scores of DU aspirants were left disappointed with the first cutoff list soaring beyond a perfect 100 for a few courses,Twitter was abuzz with trolls on the bizarre ceiling.
This is a clear five to ten percent increase in cutoffs, as compared to the fist list in 2010.
Not just commerce, even science cutoffs have also broken all records.
Assemblyman George Runner, R-Lancaster, has introduced legislation that would move California's kindergarten cutoff date from Dec.
By moving up the birthday cutoff, Assembly Bill 85 would bring California in step with the majority of states, Runner said.
These new cutoffs will be used in PhenoSense HIV for samples sent to the ViroLogic clinical laboratory beginning next week.
We're pleased that the sensitivity of PhenoSense HIV has allowed us to identify more accurate cutoffs for these useful drugs.
The cutoffs are down by around one to two percent at Hansraj College in many of the subjects.
These cutoffs, developed by ViroLogic, were determined by using clinical trial data to evaluate the impact of changes in drug susceptibility on treatment outcomes.
BA ( Programme) course, considered to be one the most popular courses which made a comeback with the scrapping of FYUP, saw reasonably high cutoffs at many colleges.
Investors now have a long-term understanding of the critical large, mid-cap, and small cutoffs.
While LSR and Kirori Mal College have lowered their cutoffs for Economics by 0.
While colleges like SRCC had closed admissions in the second list last year, many off- campus colleges are likely to bring down their cutoffs gradually in the subsequent lists.
While the cutoffs of the most sought- after courses like Commerce and Economics have gone up by anything between 0.
Overall, the first cutoffs this year, announced on Monday, continued their steep climb, rising by 0.