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a designated limit beyond which something cannot function or must be terminated

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a route shorter than the usual one

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a device that terminates the flow in a pipe

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Meanwhile, Delhi University Vice Chancellor Prof Dinesh Singh said: "100 percent cutoff is unfortunate.
With the currently recommended cutoff of a serum-glucose level of 140 mg/dL, which is now used for everyone regardless of ethnicity, the test would have a sensitivity of 89% and a false-positive rate of 14% for Asian women.
Many states leave the birthday cutoff date entirely up to local school districts, but other states have cutoff dates closer to California's deadline.
This allows part orientation that uses the full range of movement of articulated cutoff saws and grinders as well as presenting the part for touch-up hand grinding and inspection.
The cutoff for BA (Programme) is 88 per cent while for english it is 95 per cent.
Hot-pressed cutoff wheels are a mixture of resin bond and abrasive grain.
BREAKING all previous records, three nondescript Delhi University colleges have set a 100 per cent cutoff for B.
The crux of the matter is a proposed amendment to set a cutoff time for purchases and sales of all mutual funds, to prevent late trading abuses.
SIX days and two cutoff lists later, seats in Commerce are still available in half of the colleges in Delhi University.
This study for the first time provides clarification of appropriate clinical cutoff values for ddI and d4T.
DON'T be disheartened by Delhi University's ( DU) first cutoff list.
Cutoff Data to be Provided in PhenoSense(TM) HIV Resistance Test
The college has hiked its cutoff for Computer Science to 100 per cent this year.
SRCC, which had sparked much debate last year by fixing the cutoff for BCom ( honours) at 100 per cent, kept its cutoff for the subject this year at 98.