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a designated limit beyond which something cannot function or must be terminated

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a route shorter than the usual one

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a device that terminates the flow in a pipe

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The much- delayed first list witnesses 100% cutoff in three colleges, arepeat of last year's pattern
Hot-pressed cutoff wheels are a mixture of resin bond and abrasive grain.
Working against this early deadline would be a major step backward for the money fund industry, which has been moving toward later cutoff times, and for all cash investors who will be unnecessarily disadvantaged.
At Janaki Devi Memorial College, the cutoff for this course has come down from 93 per cent to 92.
We expect that the reassigning of clinical cutoff values for ddI and d4T will enhance the clinical application of PhenoSense HIV test results," said Dr.
At Hindu, the cutoff for Commerce has been hiked by 0.
A clinical cutoff defines the maximum level of reduced drug susceptibility at which a patient still has a high probability of successful response to treatment with a particular drug.
While Gargi College declared a BCom ( honours) cutoff of 97.
Meanwhile, Delhi University Vice Chancellor Prof Dinesh Singh said: "100 percent cutoff is unfortunate.
With the currently recommended cutoff of a serum-glucose level of 140 mg/dL, which is now used for everyone regardless of ethnicity, the test would have a sensitivity of 89% and a false-positive rate of 14% for Asian women.
Many states leave the birthday cutoff date entirely up to local school districts, but other states have cutoff dates closer to California's deadline.
The automatic transfer of the casting to the grinding or cutoff workstation may use belt or vibrating conveyors, overhead monorail or power and free conveyors, indexing or walking beam mechanisms to transfer and position castings at the workstation.
Depending on the selected cutoff date, amended returns may need to be prepared in order to apply the new provisions.
The group 2 mortgage pool consists of adjustable-rate and fixed-rate, Freddie Mac conforming, first and second lien mortgage loans with a cutoff date pool balance of $600,018,652.