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tableware implements for cutting and eating food

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In those early years, cutlery was so popular many householders actually carried a knife, fork, and spoon around their necks.
This year, the city can claim that the cutlery industry dates back 700 years, to Robert the Cutler of 1297.
Provides key data and concise analyses, presents a comparative analysis on the development of cutlery, hand tools & general hardware industry in 31 provincial regions and 20 major cities in visualized form of data map.
SIALKOT -- The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) is preparing a strategy for promotion of surgical, leather and cutlery industries.
Cutlery is a mature and steady category whose growth has remained essentially flat over the past few years--retail sales inched up a mere 1 percent in 2015, to $1.
Gourmet retailers get a grip on cutlery sales by selling variety
Contract notice: Provision of Gate Boxes and Cutlery Packs for RAF Brize Norton.
Carolina Cutlery, based in Pineville, North Carolina, offers knife sharpening rental and exchange services in the Carolinas.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 17, 2015-US Knife Sharpening Firms Cozzini, Carolina Cutlery Close Merger
Such is the case for Queen Cutlery of Titusville, Pa.
com)-- Dispensing cutlery one piece at a time is an effective way for foodservice operations to assure diners that close attention is paid to their health and well-being, which helps create a positive image for the foodservice establishment.
LICHFIELD-based firm Arthur Price continues to make considerable waves in the world of quality cutlery, a century after one of its most prestige orders ended up on the bed of the Atlantic.
I'M looking for an everyday cutlery set that's dishwasher proof, doesn't need polishing and will stand up to the harshness of a hard water area without needing to be polished.
Flatware manufacturer Hampton Forge has been ranked as one of the top five cutlery brands in terms of dollar sales last year, according to a recent survey by The NPD Group.