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a dealer in cutlery

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He may have been bending forward," said Cutler, in a hoarse and rather faint voice.
And you mean to say that when Captain Cutler saw that chimpanzee with humped shoulders and hog's bristles, he simply saw himself?
The Company of Cutlers was formed as a guild in 1624 and today its 500 `freemen' are business leaders from the cutlery, `edge' tools (such as chisels and screw drivers) and steel industries.
He joined the Company of Cutlers ten years ago, and that year was appointed President of the Chamber of Commerce.
Sheffield's Master Cutler, Richard Field, is keen to dispel any notion that the city's renowned steel and cutlery industries are in decline.
For more information on how to manage hour money better, consumers can request Cutlers "Coping With a Credit Crisis" booklet by calling 1-800-669-2635 or writing to:
This can lead to stress which impacts your relationships, your health and other aspects of your life," says Becky Cutler, the spokesperson for Citibank MasterCard and Visa's "Managing Your Credit" consumer financial education program.
Cutler Systems Management, the leading provider of Web application management services, today announced the appointment of James Labick to Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.
With his rich background at some of the finest consulting organizations, he will be able to bring a seasoned expertise to Cutler and contribute to our ongoing expansion.
Prior to joining Cutler, Labick served as Vice President and Managing Director of the Northeast region of CSC Consulting, where he was responsible for the revenue and profit targets for all of CSC's operations in the key locations of New York, Boston and Philadelphia.
Cutler Systems Management, the leading provider of Web application management services, today announced the opening of a San Francisco office in the heart of the city's South of Market district.
We are very enthusiastic about the opening of our San Francisco office," said Bradley Galle, CEO of Cutler.
Cutler focuses exclusively on the ongoing management, evolution, maintenance and support of today's highly complex e-business applications.
Cutler Systems Management, the premier provider of Internet application management services, announced today that it has closed a $6 million round of venture capital financing.
In connection with the investment, Cutler announced the addition of Trident Managing Directors Venetia Kontogouris and Todd A.