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a short heavy curved sword with one edge


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I carried also a hundred spare arms, muskets, and fusees; besides some pistols, a considerable quantity of shot of all sizes, three or four tons of lead, and two pieces of brass cannon; and, because I knew not what time and what extremities I was providing for, I carried a hundred barrels of powder, besides swords, cutlasses, and the iron part of some pikes and halberds.
Contract notice: Manufacture of cutlasses, swords and daggers with sheaths to the military staff of the ministry of defence
It was with this in mind that the order was made to arm 20 burly officers of the Bute Dock Police with long, curving, naval-style cutlasses.
In other police forces of the time, cutlasses were issued to officers on patrol after dark or when things were particularly violent and this may have been the case with the Bute Dock Police," said Mr Head.
There is a story that when the cutlasses were replaced by the traditional police staff, a short warning was carved along their length.
Evans's ace in the hole, a former GM engineer, testified in a deposition that such a scenario was indeed likely in 1993 Cutlasses.
Back in those days, Olds sold more than 1 million cars a year, half of which were Cutlasses.
This year, in fact, Cutlasses from model years 1986, 1987 and 1984 hold the top three slots, respectively.
No wonder they loom large in our collective imagination, even though eyepatches and cutlasses are now viewed as cosy kiddyfare, thanks to Pirates Of The Caribbean.
Among the items seized were bumpers, fenders, grills and doors belonging to Chevrolet Camaros, Oldsmobile Cutlasses, Chevrolet Monte Carlos and Buick Regals.
11, the plaintiff alleged that the car company had failed to equip 1978 Cutlasses with rear lap- shoulder belts.
seemingly lost to history with whatever cannons, cutlasses and plunder it may have carried.