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a short heavy curved sword with one edge


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And throwing his hat over the trees, he drew his cutlass once more and began to escalade the slope up to the road.
Montano also had his cutlass unsheathed, and Muscari, without further speech, sent a slash at his head which he was compelled to catch and parry.
Bunn said, "I represent the fourth generation of my family in the coal business and am grateful for the opportunity to join Cutlass.
Exercise Cutlass Express 15 is an eight-day exercise, with the first part of the exercise being dedicated to classroom instruction where U.
CUTLASS was created for the Ministry of Defence and entered service with the UK's armed forces last year.
Our CUTLASS vehicle is setting new standards in the UGV market and significantly enhancing the ability of users to handle hazardous threats safely.
The group combine the talents of their four members Tom Middlemas on vocals and guitar, lead guitarist Jonathan Nicholson, drummer Charlie Vasiliou and bassist Edward Lancaster, Cutlass Supernova creat a unique sound.
But one cutlass survived, and it will take its place among hundreds of artefacts donated by Echo readers and archivists at the National Museum of Wales, to be displayed in the first-ever museum dedicated to the city's chequered history.
Being beaten at odds-on in a Turkish Group 2 event is a long way from the high hopes entertained for Cutlass Bay when he went unbeaten for Andre Fabre, culminating in his victory in the Prix Ganay.
Cutlass Bay, winner of Group One and Two events in France already this term, was recently transferred from Andre Fabre's powerful French stable.
Today the company designs, develops and produces some of the most sophisticated unmanned vehicles available from the Wheelbarrow bomb disposal robot and Cutlass.
Forget the tepid tickle of the timid truncheon, Birmingham's first professional police force preferred the murderous swish and swagger of the mighty cutlass.
The Cutlass will be phased in by the end of the decade.
In the CUtLASS study, he noted, the mean score of subjects in the first-generation arm on the Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS) went from 1.
I felt very close to my parents that evening--sitting in the back seat of their mud-caked '78 Cutlass, listening to them go on about their new life, and watching the sun set behind purple hills.