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Guermazi A, Grigoryan M, Cordoliani F, Kerob D: Unusually diffuse idiopathic calcinosis cutis.
A diagnosis of calcifying panniculitis owing to SLE was considered, but a skin biopsy showed no significant inflammatory infiltrate; a final diagnosis of calcinosis cutis universalis associated with SLE was made.
Defining the phenotype in an autosomal recessive cutis laxa syndrome with a combined congenital defect of glycosylation.
Recurrent leukemia cutis in acute myeloblastic leukemia.
Calcinosis cutis is the deposition of amorphous calcium hydroxyapatite, forming subcutaneous nodules.
As May Cutis, a deaf woman who worked in a defense plant, said in an interview S0 years after V-E Day, "I was the deaf Rosie the Riveter.
Praeterea eloquutio quae verba et figures ad rem appositas suggerit, hoc est in oratione quod caro et cutis in corpore, decentur conuestiens ossa et neruos.
She has published over 25 articles on wound care in publications such as Journal of Family Practice, Decubitis, Dermatology Nursing, Cutis, Wounds, Journal of Enterostomal Therapy, and Clinics in Dermatology.
Researchers were investigating the genetic cause of a rare disorder known as cutis laxa type 2 (CL2), which causes skin on the hands, feet and face to be loose and older looking, as well as growth and developmental delays including effects on the brain.
In an effort to deliver solutions to the global health crisis caused by antibiotic resistance, we are applying these insights to the refinement of our mid- stage clinical program for TP-434 for complicated intra-abdominal infections and to the design of an efficient clinical pathway for TP-2758 as a treatment for cUTIs.
There are three types of skin involvement in AML: nonspecific lesions, [8] leukemia cutis, [9] and granulocytic sarcoma.
Two patients with leukemia cutis experienced clearing, one complete and one partial.
1 million patients were treated for cUTIs in the hospital in the seven major pharmaceutical markets in 2007.
Cutis spent over 11 years as a systems and software engineer, and as a project manager in the communications technology industry at leading vendors such as Nortel Networks, Caspian Networks and CIENA Corporation.
Skin infiltration by leukemic cells, known as leukemia cutis, is a frequent feature of acute monoblastic leukemia but is rare in CMML; only 12 cases of leukemia cutis in CMM L have been reported.