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of or relating to a cuticle or cuticula

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Two mechanisms of foliar absorption have been discussed and characterized to a certain extent, namely, the cuticular pathway and the stomatal pathway [3].
The third segment is symmetrically bell shaped, and it has a near circularly shaped AD surrounded by a so-called velum, a fringe of long and thin cuticular filaments.
Even though whole body solvent-soaking also can extract cuticular hydrocarbons, internal body lipids, bioamines, and other exocrine gland secretions that may contaminate the alkaloid extract, they do not interfere with alkaloid analyses.
Left spicule of the former slender, has shaft representing its distal half, lanceolate distal tip with wide cuticular membrane, and the eggs bear polar caps with variable formations, in some eggs a long filament (0.
Two sides of a leaf blade: Blumeria graminis needs chemical cues in cuticular waxes of Lolium perenne for germination and differentiation.
White arrows indicate cuticular sensilla and white bar indicates 10 [micro]m length.
Based on the idea that cuticular waxes are critical for limiting water loss from fruit, and thus for resisting desiccation and spoilage, we propose to uncover the structural and regulatory pathways that mediate its biosynthesis, transport and assembly in response to drought stress through a multidisciplinary approach.
For the scalp, use running cuticular sutures; for the extremities, trunk, axilla, or groin, use running subcuticular sutures; for the face, feet, or hands, use interrupted sutures; and for a punch biopsy, consider not using any closure, he advised.
El colon presenta la misma constitucion que en otras formas descritas, recubierto principalmente por musculos longitudinales dispuestos equidistantes uno al otro; el recto presenta conformacion cuticular quitinosa a modo de espinas, lo cual ha sido observado igualmente en O.
Microbiological report suggested that the specimen was dirofilariarepens confirmed by presence of thick laminated cuticle with longitudinal cuticular ridges.
Epicuticular waxes help leaves to maintain water by reducing cuticular transpiration [10].
Any nocturnal water uptake would mainly correspond to stem and organ rehydration and cuticular transpiration.
Hypo-AMSCs-CM showed well organized epidermis, thick cuticular layer, and increased collagen content (Figure 2(b)), whereas wound areas treated with Hypo-AMSCs-CM showed immature epidermal regeneration, weak cuticular layer, and less collagen content (Figure 2(b)).