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of or relating to a cuticle or cuticula

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In salt secretory microhairs, the cuticular chamber functions as a collecting compartment in which salt accumulates before being secreted via the cuticle (Campbell & Thomson, 1976; Fahn, 1979; Amarasinghe & Watson, 1988).
Not only cuticular lipids: first evidence of differences between foundresses and their daughters in polar substances in the paper wasp Polistes dominulus.
Some proteins are transported to specific sites as required, such as cuticular proteins secreted from the epidermis during molting that originate in hemolymph (Reviewed in Neville 1975; Hopkins and Kramer 1992).
Scientists are also interested in what role these cuticular compounds--along with the alarm pheromones--play in canine detection of bed bugs.
The pathological specimen was showed lamellar cuticular membrane, active-chronic inflammation and fibrosis which were relevant for cyst hydatid diagnosis.
The changes to look for are dilated capillary loops, thrombosed capillary loops, capillary dropout, and cuticular hypertrophy.
Textbooks, she said, describe the roots of the stereocilia ending in the cuticular plate.
They then discovered that the profiles of different pheromones that flies produce, called cuticular hydrocarbons, change with age.
Even so, their original functions and anatomical positions can often be reconstructed by virtue of the exceptionally fine-scale (sub-micron) preservation of various cuticular specializations, including a great variety of spines, setae and setules ('hairs').
aurea, a decrease in transpiration (Figure 4) correlates with a reduction in stomatal conduction (Figure 3), demonstrating that cuticular transpiration is minimal during this growth stage.
Such interactions between colonies may be mediated by the ability to distinguish between colony-mates and ants from other colonies (Gordon, 1995) using colony-specific cuticular hydrocarbons; when exposed to the extracted cuticular hydrocarbons of nestmates and non-nestmates, red harvester ants respond more aggressively to the non-nestmate extract (Wagner et al.
Lipids still bound to and within the cuticular layer of the cell wall, if a cuticle was actually present, would have been discarded.
The most important pupal characters studied by Clarke (1941) to characterize Depressaria were in the labial palpi, prothoracic femur, cuticular texture and cremaster.
Neste sentido, o presente trabalho tem por objetivo verificar os efeitos do tratamento termico por aspersao e imersao na superficie cuticular de macas cultivar Fuji e Gala.