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Synonyms for cuteness

the quality of being appealing in a delicate or graceful way (of a girl or young woman)


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And yet a considerably more serious study than the cuteness one claimed this week that teenage girls in the UK are the fattest in Europe with almost a third of British girls under 20 overweight or obese.
SUPER TINY ANIMALS ITV1, 8pm Prepare yourself for an overload of cuteness as Super Tiny Animals returns to showcase some of the world's most popular miniature pets and the people who pamper them.
Summary: One Direction have some tough competition in the cuteness stakes thanks to an internet hit.
Among their topics are Lolita fandom as sacred criminality in the novels of Takemoto Novala, manga in transformation and its dysfunctional discourse, neotony and the politics of life, the sacrificial economy of cuteness in Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space, and the transformation of semantics in the history of Japanese subcultures since 1992.
This might provide fun for the very young who'll be wowed by the cuteness of the penguins - both real and CGI created - but it never comes close to possessing the charm of March Of The Penguins.
I thought maybe when we were pushing and pushing, we just didn't have that wee bit of guile or cuteness to break them down.
Food, eggs, general cuteness, there's plenty of reasons to raise chicks from birth.
Japan women prefer cuteness in makeup, other Asian women stress sharpness
Across the four turns, the Cologne-based artist will engage themes of indolence, exhaustion, and boredom, deploying sculptural and painterly strategies of cuteness, softness, and bigness and a deadpan humor reminiscent of Claes Oldenburg, Mike Kelley, Andre Cadere, and, of course, Martin Kippenberger.
Hand on heart, I much prefer the big-bummed cuteness of the old model, which also is more practical with much better rear-view vision.
99 THE teddy bear world is normally reserved for tales of sickening cuteness and cuddly encounters, so Naughty Bear probably raises a few eyebrows with its premise that turns that whole image on its head, and effectively sends your furry lead character on a mad killing spree through his previously happy-go-lucky world.
This is the new 'Charlie Bit My Finger' for cuteness http://bit.
To reinforce their cuteness, two pink hearts float next to the girls' official titles on government releases.
Female sex hormones sensitize women to differences in babies' cuteness and may encourage mothers to bond with their babies, propose Reiner Sprengelmeyer of the University of St.